Large Haworthia


The the most interesting succulent there is – it’s good to look a bit different. Perfect for that succulent loving friend with a busy life- this crazy guy doesn’t need much attention.

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The Haworthia is one of many succulents that have rosettes of leaves. This larger variety, more commonly known as ‘Aloe Lace’ has a number of delicate, slim, spiky leaves. Dark green and white in colour, with a firm, rough texture, these hardy succulents are a wonderful addition to any indoor jungle!

Easy to care for, this succulent only needs watering every 2-3 weeks and should be watered lightly. Haworthias like a bright spot but avoid direct sunlight as the leaves can get sunburnt!

This striking succulent is ideal if you want to introduce easy-care and low maintenance plants to your home. Potted in our stylish stoneware or signature houseplant pot, we know he will look fabulous individually or grouped together with other houseplants.

Why not take a look at my smaller brothers, the mini and medium Haworthia. The cutest Haworthia family around.

I’m not just pretty, I am pet friendly too!

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Low maintenance

Suitable for

Bedroom, Hallway, Light spaces

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Zebra cactus, Pearl plant, Star window plant, Cushion aloe



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Plant Care

A tiny bit of water can be put under the leaves, straight in to the soil. Haworthia should only needs watered once every 3-4 weeks lightly do not let it sit it water and the soil shouldn’t be allowed to get too damp or soggy.

Look out for lower shrivelled, wilting leaves as this is the plants telling you they are thirsty. Ensure the plant is watered into the soil not over the top of the leaves. Succulents likes a well-lit spot in your home.

Read our plant care guide, to help keep your Haworthia looking fresh.


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I’m striking in appearance and very used to drought conditions, making me a perfect easy-care succulent. A stylish addition to your indoor jungle.