Large Fiddle Leaf Fig in Belly Basket


These leaves have earned quite a reputation, and you can see why! They stand out for all the right reasons with gorgeous large green leaves and an incredible shape.



The fabulous Fiddle Leaf Fig is just a gift that keeps on giving. It now looks even better in our beautiful Little Botanical Belly Baskets. This is without a doubt the must-have plant of the moment!

Note: Any brown marking on the back of leaves is a natural occurrence and will grow out as the leaves mature. The plant and basket will arrive in separate boxes. Just pop the plant in the basket and it’s ready for its forever home. People with Asthma and Latex allergies should avoid this plant.

Additional information


Requires a little more attention

Suitable for

Bedroom, Desk/Study, Kitchen, Light spaces, Living Space

Estimated Plant Height (CM)

1.1m – 1.2m

Internal Basket Diameter


Basket Height



Ficus Lyrata, Banjo Fig





Plant Care

Fiddle Leaf Fig needs approximately a cupful of water once a week to 10 days and only when the top 3-4 inches of the soil is dry. please ensure the plant is kept out of the draught. This plant likes a well-lit spot in your home.


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