The Ficus features elegant foliage that comes in an array of shapes and sizes. From the glossy cascading canopy of the Ficus Benjamina to the large, statement paddle-shaped leaves of the Fiddle Leaf Fig.

  • Air-Purifying Bundle

    Air-Purifying Bundle

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  • Fiddle Leaf Fig

    Fiddle Leaf Fig

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  • Ficus Benjamina

    Ficus Benjamina

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  • Ficus Elastica (Rubber Plant)

    Ficus Elastica (Rubber Plant)

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  • Zen Bundle

    Zen Bundle

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  • Large Plants for Big Spaces

    Large Plants for Big Spaces

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More about the Ficus plant

A Ficus provides a touch of natural sophistication to any indoor space. The lush greenery creates a sense of style, transforming your surroundings into a serene oasis of botanical beauty.

Beyond their captivating beauty, the Ficus family is also renowned for its air-purifying qualities. As they filter out toxins and pollutants from the air, Ficus plants contribute to a cleaner and healthier indoor environment, promoting a sense of well-being and harmony.

A Ficus is an ideal choice for those seeking a statement piece or a lush addition to their botanical collection. Our curated selection at Little Botanical offers a variety of Ficus plants to suit your taste and style.

The Ficus is a popular plant family, but there are a couple of points to note when it comes to their care. Ficus houseplants can be sensitive to changes in their environment, such as sudden shifts in light or temperature. Some species are also known to drop leaves when stressed, which can be a concern for some plant owners! However, with consistent watering and suitable light conditions, they will thrive.