Large Ficus Benjamina in Belly Basket


This is truly one of our greenest houseplants. With its many fabulous leaves, this statement piece is perfect for bringing style to your home.


Also known as the Weeping Fig, the Ficus Benjamina is a beautiful leafy houseplant. With an abundance of tiny leaves, it adds texture to a room. When potted in our Little Botanical Belly Basket, it can light up any room with those brilliant green leaves.

Note: The plant and basket will arrive in separate boxes. Just pop the plant in the basket and it’s ready for its forever home. Asthma and Latex Allergies should avoid this plant.






Additional information


Requires a little more attention

Estimated Plant Height (CM):

80cm – 1m

Suitable for:

Desk/Study, Kitchen, Light spaces, Living Space

Basket Height (CM):


Internal Basket Diameter (CM):


Plant Care

Ficus Benjamina needs watering once a week and only when the top layer of soil is dry. Any presence of yellow leaves is due to either overwatering or underwatering. Please ensure the plant is kept out of the draught and away from radiators. They perform best in a well-lit spot but do not place in direct sunlight or the leaves may be scorched.

Note: Asthma and Latex Allergies should avoid this plant


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