British Hydrangea Garden Bundle in Blue


This bundle of two large Blue Hydrangeas are guaranteed to make you smile.


These British grown large blue Hydrangeas are a perfect addition to your garden. Support UK growers by purchasing this bundle and add a pop of colour to your garden. These blue British grown Hydrangeas produce large colourful clusters of blooms that will brighten any outdoor space.

The mop-head variety is stunning and eye-catching in blue. Hydrangeas are well-loved plants and rightly so. These luxurious plants will arrive with some colour; you get to watch the plant fully bloom and grow. Hydrangeas like partial light and will last the Summer months outdoors. Plant in the garden to enjoy new growth the following year. Note: Hydrangeas can be sensitive to wilting so must be kept moist. Adding a bit of colour to your garden couldn’t be easier with this bundle of 2 Blue Hydrangeas from The Little Botanical Gardening Range.

Once unpacked, pop the plants outdoors and ensure they are watered. Enjoy the colourful blooms, these blue Hydrangeas will instantly add colour to your outdoor space.

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Magical Jade Plant, Hydrangea Jade, Change Rose



Plant Care

Hydrangeas should be kept at between 16-24 degrees. They like partial light and will grow happily outdoors in the Summer months. Be careful as direct sun as this will scorch the flowers. The soil should be kept evenly moist at all times and the plant should be well drained. They like to be fed every few weeks during the Summer. When replanting or planting out, Hydrangeas like moist soil that drains well.


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These two luxurious blooming Hydrangeas are a stunning light blue. Pop them onto your patio or garden and enjoy those beautiful blooms.