This Wisteria is a gorgeous colour of purple. Pop it on your patio or plant in your garden and enjoy those beautiful blooms all summer long.

Care needs: Low Maintenance PlantsPet-friendly: No

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If you are looking to watch something grow and enjoy the colourful blooms they produce, then this stunning Wisteria is for you. A vibrant climbing outdoor plant which is fully hardy in the winter months.

This gorgeous Wisteria will add a stunning burst of colour to your garden. This vibrant outdoor plant is fully hardy and hassle-free. Purple in colour, looks great in any garden and will easily last the duration of Summer. Add a plant or two against your fence, wall or plant in your garden for instant colour.

Very versatile and long-lasting, these easy to care for plants just look beautiful. Wisterias are the perfect plant for people new to gardening and looking to add a wall of colour to your garden space.

Measuring up to 70cm, adding colour to your garden couldn’t be easier with this gorgeous Wisteria.

The Wisteria will arrive with some colour on and throughout the Spring and Summer it will flourish and add a pop of vibrant colour to your outdoor space.

Other names: Japanese Wisteria, Wisteria floribunda, Noda-fuji, Chinese wisteria, Kraunhia floribunda, Rehsonia floribunda, Glycine floribunda.


Wisterias are hardy, vigorous climbers reaching over 10m height and width. Wisteria can also be trained up a tree or grown up a support to form a standard.

If planting into beds we would suggest to water the Wisteria, dig a hold big enough to fit the Wisteria in and remove the plastic pot. Wisterias flower best in full sun so choose a south- or west-facing wall or pergola. They will grow in slight shade but flowering will be reduced. Feed in spring with a good liquid fertiliser and water regularly in the warmer months.

During their first year, Wisterias benefit from regular watering to help the roots establish. Once established, Wisteria should only need water during dry periods.

Wisteria originate from North America, China and Japan, which have colder winters than the UK, and are fully hardy.

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