Green Foliage

Many of our plants feature lush green foliage, which is seen as a sign of life, prosperity, health and natural beauty. We grow and sell a huge range of houseplants, offering an incredible choice when it comes to green foliage. From smaller plants with deep green leaves to stunning tropical giants, take your pick.

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  • Dracaena Marginata (Bi-colour)

    Dracaena Marginata (Bi-colour)

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More about our green foliage

Our houseplants with green foliage are perfect for introducing a touch of nature into your environment. That could be indoors, complementing other textures such as wood and cushions, or outdoors and softening up areas that feature metals or concrete.

Plants with deep green foliage may require some additional care to ensure they look their very best. Our index of plant care guides can provide specific advice to ensure your plant stays healthy and thrives in your home. If you’re not sure what to go for, get in touch with a member of our team as we are always happy to help out!