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Outdoor Garden Range – Spring Bank Holiday Inspo

The moment has arrived to prepare our gardens for the summer ahead

1 May 2024 | Seasonal Plants

We’re thrilled the sun is finally gracing us with its presence, signaling the long-awaited arrival of spring. With visions of leisurely afternoons in our gardens, indulging in barbecues and unwinding with sundowners on warm evenings becoming increasingly tangible, we believe the moment has arrived to prepare our gardens for the summer ahead. Behold! As if summoned by our collective desire, we present a post dedicated to our outdoor garden range. How handy!

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If you’re looking for some inspiration to uplift your outdoors this season, then The Little Botanical has got you covered. Take a look at our fab range of outdoor plants, bringing you plenty of ideas to completely transform your garden. From flowering beauties to edible herbs and potted patio plants to beautiful hanging baskets, our plants for outdoor spaces are available at the click of a button and there’s lots to get you excited about. Keep reading for a rundown of our outdoor garden range and it will be bursting with colours and fragrances right in time for the bank holiday.

The Outdoor Garden Range

English Garden Plants

Channel those English country garden vibes with our range of fabulous flowering garden plants. If you’re looking to add a riot of colour to your outdoor space for the spring and summer, then you will love the options we’ve got for you.

Our Betulia Garden Bundle brings you a pair of simply stunning, British-grown Betulias, available in dark pink, light pink or red for a burst of bright and beautiful colour in your garden. This gorgeous pair will arrive in bloom and continue to flower throughout the summer. Simply dot them around your patio or pop them either side of your front door for a little curb appeal.

These betulias are a tolerant and hassle-free variety of the begonia species making them a fab choice for a low-maintenance garden this season. For optimum blooms, pop these beauties in a shady spot where they will be protected from the afternoon sun. Keep them moist and feed them every few weeks during the summer.


The British-grown Hydrangea Garden Bundle is a duo of large hydrangeas in either pink, white or blue. They are of the mop-head variety of hydrangea and will continue to produce big, colourful clusters of blooms for a gorgeous injection of colour. We love to position several pots of similar heights together on a patio to create a container garden. Or you can add extra interest with varied heights. Try turning some unused pots or zinc buckets upside down and use them as a makeshift plant base.


These eye-catching plants will grow happily outdoors during the summer months, simply make sure they are not placed in direct sun to avoid scorching. Keep them evenly moist at all times and feed them every few weeks during the summer.

In 2024, the color lavender continues to enchant and captivate with its timeless elegance and soothing charm. So why not give your garden a stylish edge with our potted Lavender? Here at TLB, we think it doesn’t need to be digital when the real thing is this lovely. The gorgeous stoneware that they come potted in will guarantee your outdoor space is beautifully on-trend. These floral beauties prove to be a popular choice year after year and it’s not hard to see why. With its stunning purple hues, unmistakable calming scent and ability to attract pollinators, lavender really is a winning choice for a stylish outdoor space.

Dot these lovelies along window sills, on outdoor tables or even plant them into a border. Keep them fresh by watering and pruning them regularly.

Staying on the purple theme, take a look at our Wisteria. Measuring up to 70cm with distinctive purple blooms and vibrant green leaves, these outdoor plants are just beautiful. And not only do they look fabulous, but they are also totally hardy and hassle-free. This makes them a good choice for a low-maintenance garden. Thanks to their versatility and ability to grow and grow, they are a fab option if you’re looking for something to become a real focal point in your outdoor spac


During their first year, they will need watering regularly and once they are established, you’ll only need to give them water during dry periods.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a super way to bring even more colour, interest and texture into your garden. They are a fab option for a smaller garden or balcony, saving space because you can position them high up. Or simply to add oodles of colour when your patio and borders are full but you still crave more!

Make a statement with either our Petunia Hanging Plant or our Fuchsia Hanging Plant (or both!). The petunias are wonderfully vibrant and low-maintenance and their beautiful blooms will last throughout the spring, summer and autumn. Simply water them weekly, position them in a shady spot and deadhead regularly to keep them looking vibrant and fresh.

Similarly, the striking Fuchsia-Hanging-Plant. are equally as attractive, long-lasting and easy-care as their petunia pals. They will thrive with a drink twice a week, they like a spot that shields them from the afternoon sun and they’ll benefit from deadheading when needed.


Wherever you choose to hang them, remember to make sure you can reach them for watering!

Herb Garden

As we’ve just explored, bringing colour into your garden with our outdoor garden range is a surefire way to bring style and interest to your outdoors. Here at Team TLB, we highly recommend creating a garden that gives (almost) all of your senses a treat and that’s where our edible green beauties come in.

Our aromatic Herb Mix comes in a selection of 6 or 10 herbs and includes a mix of thymus, lavender, mint and rosemary, ready for you to feast your eyes upon, to tickle your tastebuds and to fill your nose with delicious scents.

Your herbs will arrive in growing pots allowing you to choose whether you plant them for a stunning herby border or pop them into a decorative pot. The muted colours of our charcoal and stoneware pots complement these herbs perfectly and they’re perfectly sized for the herb mix growing pots.

Water your herbs regularly to keep them fresh and give them a good trim to keep the new growth coming. If you choose to plant them in your garden be sure to keep them weed-free and prune away any older leaves about once a month.

If you love the idea of a herb garden but your outdoor space is on the smaller side, panic not, we’ve got you covered. Create your very own vertical garden with the Plantbox-Outdoor-Living-Wall-with-Herbs. This kit contains everything you need to create a stunning vertical garden filled with a selection of British-grown, fragrant herbs. The clever system incorporates troughs that hold enough water for at least a week so you don’t need to water them every day, happy days for busy or forgetful people!


Attract the Bees

The importance of looking after the bee population has been a hot topic in recent years. The population of many species of bees is in decline which is a worrying situation. As pollinators, they are vital to the continued survival of certain flowers, plants and crops – without them many types of fruits, nuts and berries would not exist!

The good news is that we can all do our bit by committing to plant some bee-friendly plants and flowers in our gardens. Our beautifully packaged Seedboms, the Beebom and the Wildbom, are a simple way to make a difference and help save the bees. Simply scatter the mix of seeds in your garden and before long you’ll have a beautiful burst of vibrant flowers growing in your garden, attracting lots of busy bees and other pollinators. Scatter these seeds between March and June to see them flower this summer or between August and October for next year.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about our garden range. If we’ve inspired you to transform your outdoor space this spring we’d love to see some pictures. Tag us over on insta once your outdoor green beauties have settled in; @thelittlebotanical. And as always, do get in touch if you have any questions about our outdoor plants; [email protected].

With love Team TLB X

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