Green Houseplants

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Here at TLB, we’re truly passionate about green houseplants. Nothing beats a stunning indoor plant, and adding a beautiful botanical to your interior can really transform your space.

As well as looking amazing, houseplants have a range of other benefits. From purifying the air to increasing productivity, an indoor plant can help you to create a clean, stress-free environment. Not to mention that the act of looking after and caring for a plant provides a welcome break from all the screen time we have in our daily lives.

Our green houseplants are delivered in sustainable packing and come with the pot included. This means that when it arrives, there’s no fuss. Simply unpack your lovely new plant and pop it in the desired position.

When it comes to caring for your plant, we’ve got you covered. We include essential care information on each plant page, and we also cover commonly asked questions on our FAQs page.

If you want several plants but you’re struggling to choose, why not take a look at our plant gangs? We match them together for a reason – because they look great and they have extra benefits. For example, having multiple air-purifying plants in the same room can really help to remove airborne toxins!

And finally, how could we forget to mention our furry friends? The UK is a nation of pet lovers, with an estimated 45% of households keeping a pet! Making sure your pets and your plants get along is essential, because unfortunately, some plants can make our pets poorly! That’s why we’ve included a pet-friendly section, so you can choose a plant that everyone in your home can enjoy.


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