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Exam Ready?

We’ve focussed a lot of our blog time recently on the much-anticipated arrival of spring and all the benefits that come with the season of new life. However, this time of year doesn’t signal excitement and celebration for everyone – it is a crucial time in the academic year. As a result, it can be an exceptionally stressful period for those with an exam coming or dissertation deadlines fast approaching. Whether it be SATs, GCSEs, A-Levels, college or university finals, this is undeniably a time when those preparing for their exams are really feeling the pressure.

Perhaps you know someone with exams coming up and you’d like to give them a little boost with a thoughtful gift to help increase their concentration and reduce their stress.

Did you know that indoor plants are an ideal gift for those who might be feeling like they’re struggling a little under the weight of revision stress? The presence of greenery on, or near your desk, can be a very beneficial study buddy. Plants are fab air-purifiers, removing carbon dioxide from the air and increasing oxygen levels. All this cleaner air results can reduce headaches, make you feel happier and most importantly for those revising, they increase concentration and productivity!

In fact, research carried out by Professor Lohr in Washington found that a group of pupils given a computer task to perform whilst in the vicinity of a large number of plants worked 12% faster than a group working in a plant-free environment. With stats like these, we’re sure the loved one in your life preparing for exams would appreciate a gift of green in the form of a fab, stress-relieving houseplant.

So, which plants are good for studying for exams?

The short answer is pretty much any green beauty will bring the health benefits mentioned above. However, here at TLB, we think that the care needs of plants aimed at aiding study should be taken into consideration too. The last thing we want to be doing is adding a complicated plant care routine into the lives of people who are already under stress… and we don’t think they’d thank you for it!

Size is another factor that’s important to think about. Plants designed to be study buddies don’t need to be too big. Ideally, they should fit snugly on a corner of a desk or on a shelf to inject a pop of gorgeous green without getting in the way and becoming annoying!

You probably didn’t see this coming, but, The Little Botanical team have very carefully curated a super little range of Exam Buddies; a selection of houseplants ideal for students. We have taken the easy-care and size requirements into consideration. The plants featured in this range have been chosen especially for their easy-care creds and not too-imposing size, so not only will they be lovely to look at, but their care routine won’t add any more stress to your exam deadline!

If you’re wondering what would make an ideal, and very thoughtful gift, whilst helping someone special reap the natural benefits of plant power, read on to discover our recommendations of the best indoor plants for studying.

Exam Buddies

From plants that boost your mood, to plants that improve concentration and relieve stress – here are our top picks of plants to aid studies and revision.

Desk Buddy Plant Gang

This fab little bundle does exactly what it says on the tin, making it a perfect little addition to any desk. Small enough to not be too imposing, yet alive enough to provide some much-needed company when preparing for an exam!

This trio is comprised of our medium Aloe succulent, medium Sansevieria Punk (aka Spikey) and a mini Haworthia. All three of these spikey beauties are top performers in the air-purifying stakes, so are sure to boost productivity and reduce stress levels!

What’s more, with a need for water only once every 3-4 weeks these green beauties are super easy to care for. An absolute must for an ideal study companion.

Desk Buddy Plant Gang, £42

Zen Bundle

When stress levels are raised, an injection of calming zen is the perfect antidote and that’s exactly what this dreamy duo delivers. What could be more perfect than a pair of plants that bring a calming sense of tranquillity to a study space? The cute and curious-looking miniature Bonsai Tree (Ficus Ginseng) potted in our chic, dappled grey stoneware and the funky Sansevieria Punk potted in our bespoke grey and copper ceramic, are the perfect gift (or self-gift for that matter) to help calm the nerves of anyone preparing for exams.

And of course, the care needs of these soothing plants won’t contribute to increased stress levels. The Ficus Ginseng will need a small drink once every week to 10 days. Look out for dropping leaves as this is a sign of over-watering. The Sansevieria Punk needs a small amount of water even less often – only once every 3-4 weeks.

Zen Bundle, £42

Plant Shelfie Bundle

This is a seriously cute selection of succulents and cacti potted in a mixture of our signature copper-dipped ceramics. Inject some miniature indoor jungle vibes into a cosy study space with our fab shelfie bundle that will look just perfect keeping the books company on your shelves.

These easy-care succulents will be happy in a bright spot with minimal attention. Just give them a drop of water straight into their soil once every 3 weeks. And the cacti are even less demanding, they will also enjoy a bright spot and only need a little water once a month or so.

Plant Shelfie Bundle, £55

Pretty Pink Plant Gang

Inject a super stylish, mood-boosting vibe with this fabulous selection of leafy succulents and spikey cacti presented in our beautiful, soft pink ceramics with a copper accent. This pretty in pink bundle is sure to bring a smile to the face of someone struggling with the stresses and strains of revision.

Just like their Plant Shelfie buddies, these beauties are also super easy to care for. This curated gang of easy-care plants only need watering infrequently, once a fortnight would be enough to keep them happy but just make sure the cactus doesn’t get too much water as they are drought-loving plants.

Pretty Pink Plant Gang, £46

Succulent Plant Gang

Next up is another fab bundle of low-maintenance green beauties to give anyone feeling the pressure a much-needed boost. These three striking succulents come potted in your choice of our grey ceramics with a varnished base, black and gold or green and gold signature ceramics complete with moss for those all-important finishing touches. So, they will arrive at your door ready and waiting to style up your study space. Now that’s what we call ‘mood-boosting plant perfection’!

As with all succulents, these gorgeous greenies don’t take too much looking after. This trio will enjoy being placed in a bright spot with a drink once every 3-4 weeks, easy-peasy.

Succulent Plant Gang, £38

Did you know that it isn’t only the presence of plants in your study space that can bring concentration boosting and calm-inducing benefits? In fact, the act of caring for your green beauties is also a fab way to get the calm vibes flowing. The mere process provides a wonderful moment of quiet relaxation away from the stresses of everyday life. And when the current everyday life involves the stressful business of exam preparation, isn’t it just a wonderful idea to make time for a small moment of calm-inducing plant care in your weekly routine? Because even the most studious of students need a break once in a while.

Our last two picks make it simple to incorporate plant care needs into your routine.

Take a look at this fab Zab Plant Mister & Succulent Gift Set which pairs a trendy, yet spikey Haworthia succulent with our bespoke plant mister. Available in antique gold or copper, this fab little accessory makes plant care easy and stylish.

Zab Plant Mister & Succulent Gift Set, £37

Alternatively, this Heart Succulent & Watering Can Gift Set combines a gorgeous Hoya Kerrii Double Heart succulent with our mini watering can in copper. This fab little watering can is not only super useful – the handle is ergonomically designed to make watering your plants a breeze – but it’s blooming gorgeous too. You definitely won’t want to be relegating this accessory to the cupboard!

Heart Succulent & Watering Can Gift Set, £43

Send someone special a study buddy

Maybe the person in your thoughts right now, bogged down under the fog of an impending exam doesn’t live with you? Perhaps your child is away at university? Or you’d like to surprise a grandchild, niece or nephew who doesn’t live nearby? Not to worry, you can still make their day with a thoughtful and beneficial gift of green, complete with a handwritten message.

Team TLB will send the parcel straight to their door, delivering them an opportunity for an all-important break to open their surprise gift. And when they do get back to the hard work, they’ll be more productive thanks to their new, stress-relieving plant… happy days!

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you with some fab and thoughtful gift ideas in the lead up to the dreaded academic exam period. As ever, if you have any questions at all about our Exam Buddies range or any of our other green beauties, please do get in touch at [email protected], we’d love to hear from you.

And finally, wishing everyone preparing to take exams the best of luck!

With Love

Team TLB x

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