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Winter Plant Care: Our Top Five Tips and Tricks for Happy Houseplants in Winter

There is undeniably a hint of spring in the air, the days are starting to get longer and we’re starting to spot the first signs of spring flowers, yay! Having said that, the mornings are still a little chilly, even frosty, reminding us that winter isn’t quite ready to wave goodbye. So, check in on your houseplants this month. With our five Winter Plant Care tips and tricks, you’ll be able to help your green beauties through these last few weeks of winter and they’ll be springing into their growing period with vigour.

TLB’s Top 5 Tips for Winter Plant Care

Now is a great time to give your green beauties a little attention and check in on their needs. And it couldn’t be easier with our handy guide to caring for your plants this winter. Read on for all the know-how from our team of experts.

  1. Check the Soil

You are sure to have noticed that during the winter your plants are much less thirsty. The combination of less light and cooler temperatures sends houseplants into their natural dormant period meaning they simply don’t need as much water. As a result, your watering frequency is sure to have dropped off. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t need any water at all! Plants that are in lovely warm rooms can still dry out more quickly than you might think.

It’s easy to lose track of how often you’re giving them a drink when the frequency is less, so now’s a good time to see if they’re thirsty. To check, push your thumb about 2cm into the top of the soil. If it’s dry then it’s time for a drink. It’s a good idea to repeat the soil check every 7 to 10 days for most houseplants to ensure they don’t dry out completely in between each drink.

  • Check for Excess Water

Once you’ve given your plant a drink, be sure to pour away any excess water in the bottom of the plant pot. Indoor plants don’t fare well if they are left sitting in water as this can put them at risk of root rot.

  • Rotate Your Plants

As we all know, there is less daylight during the winter. Plants will naturally grow towards the light, so to encourage a lovely, even shape we recommend rotating your plants weekly.

  • Trim Your Indoor Plants

As we come towards the end of winter, it’s a fab time to give your botanical beauties a little tidy up. Check them over for any yellowing leaves and trim them off if you find any. This will freshen up your plant and allow it to concentrate on new growth. If you have any trailers in your indoor jungle, give them a little once over too. If they’re starting to look a little leggy or straggly, you can trim those vines. This will encourage fresh, bushier growth as we move into spring.

Also, if you feel you have a plant that’s struggling a little, take a look at its position. You might find you need to move it out of a draught or to a spot that gets more light.

  • Get Prepped for Spring

As spring is approaching, so is the time to start feeding your plants again and, if required, to repot them as well. It’s a good idea to use the time that’s left in winter to assess what your green beauties might need and get prepared to take action once spring has sprung.

Your plants will come out of their dormant phase as winter comes to an end and begin growing again. They will really appreciate being given plant food about once a month as we move into the spring and summer.

Not all of your houseplants will need a new pot. The best way to see if it’s time for a new home is to lift your plant out of his decorative pot and take a look underneath. If there are roots growing outside of the growing pot then that’s a sure sign it’s time to repot. If you discover one or two that do need repotting, have a read of our Guide to Repotting Houseplants to help you through.

And in the spirit of being fully prepared and ready to go, why not take a look at our fab range of plant accessories and pots. Our specially curated and well-thought-out ranges will make your transition from winter to spring plant care an absolute breeze. We particularly love our range of plant care products and accessories to help you give your beautiful botanicals a little TLC so they’re tip-top and ready for spring.

As a parting thought, don’t be disheartened if you do lose a plant this winter, it happens and there’s nothing to feel guilty about. The good news is, you don’t have to keep looking at your sad and empty plant pot after its inhabitant is on the compost. Take a look at our range of naked plants, potted in a growing pot but crying out for a stylish home!

Here ends our top 5 tips for winter plant care! We hope we’ve provided plenty of useful information about how to care for your plants in winter. If you have any questions about anything we’ve covered in this blog or about a particular plant, please do get in touch; [email protected].

And remember, we’re nearly there, spring is mere weeks away, hurrah!

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