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Three cheers for three years!

To mark our third birthday, we wanted to tell you a little bit about how The Little Botanical started, our brand mission and some of the milestones we’ve celebrated since we began. So here goes…

The Little Botanical brand

The brand was co-founded in November 2017 by Morag Hill, who wanted to inspire more people to make plants part of their everyday lives. She wanted to take the complexity out of plant shopping and provide a simple solution for consumers by giving them instant access to stylish houseplants with the click of a button.

Targeting the time-poor consumer, looking for interior style with none of the hassle, the low maintenance, carefully curated botanical range was born. Every single plant was designed with its very own pre-styled ceramic, so customers could instantly achieve a contemporary, chic look in their homes with none of the hassle.

Educating people about the health benefits of bringing plants into their homes was also an integral part of the brand’s mission. Now more than ever, consumers need the relief of stress reduction, cleaner air and a happy and calm home space, which The Little Botanical brand aims to achieve. Many plants in the range, like Sansevieria and Ficus, are air-purifying and known to lower toxins, reduce stress and encourage productivity.

With a passion for interiors and art, our co-founder, Morag said: “It’s all about creating a look and feel and by bringing plants into your living space – this helps make a home a sanctuary. We all need that right now.  I truly believe that the positive experience of existing with plants in your home is hugely underrated. Caring for plants after a busy day is calming and will reduce stress levels along with removing toxins from the air.”

The personal experience

The customer experience is personal from beginning to end.  Little touches like hand-written gift cards, plant care tags and black gift wrap all add to the more intimate brand experience and bring customers closer to the brand.

‘Pinch me’ moments

Over the last three years, the team has had some very exciting “pinch-me” moments; from launching in John Lewis stores, expanding the range to include large statement plants in beautifully designed belly baskets to seeing products in publications like Red Magazine. There has been some amazing feedback from customers on social media too. Positive interactions with customers has probably been one of the main highlights for the team since launching back in November 2017.

Co-founders all time faves

Here are some of Morag’s current botanical faves.

Boston Fern

I’ve always seen the Boston Fern as the King of the indoor jungle. First of all, let’s talk about those gorgeous feathery fronds – they’re just stunning. I’ve got one in my bathroom and it gives the room a spa-like feel – it looks fab. The plant comes in our grey textured pot, which has such a classic contemporary style and looks great almost anywhere. It’s definitely in my top three all time faves.

Philodendron Brasil in Marble Plant stand

Next up is the Philodendron Brasil in Marble Plant Stand. This plant is a trailing beauty and a perfect plant for beginners looking to bring the outdoors in. This plant is perfect to create a wellness corner in your home with a selection of other greenery from the range. Plants play a huge role in improving living and working conditions and have stacks of health benefits. This plant is known to reduce carbon dioxide levels, increase humidity and even reduce dust levels. Studies have actually shown that having plants in your home environment can even reduce headaches and alleviate stress and anxiety. I just love how houseplants don’t just brighten up your home but they can help to clear headspace and improve focus too. Amazing!

Fiddle Leaf Fig

This plant is a must-have in my mind. The Fiddle Leaf has the most stunning paddle-shaped leaves and looks just perfect in The Little Botanical bespoke Large Ceramic or Large Belly Basket. Fiddle Leaf Figs thrive in a brightly lit room and don’t need much water. These large-leafed beauties are a very popular choice among home-interior lovers and for good reason. This green beauty definitely comes in my top three faves, we’ve even written a dedicated blog about it!

So, what’s next for TLB?

Next year the range is going to expand further, with a number of new homeware products launching early 2021. We can’t tell you any more just yet, but watch this space, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

I guess all that’s left to say is thanks for being part of our amazing plant journey – we can’t believe we are 3 already. It’s been incredible so far and we can’t wait to continue inspiring people to go green with our gorgeous range of stylish houseplants. 

For now, we’re off for a slice of birthday cake and a little toast to Team TLB for coming this far.

Cheers everyone!

Love The Little Botanical Team xx

P.S. We absolutely love seeing how you lovely lot style our plants in your beautiful homes. Don’t forget to share yours with us on our social channels @thelittlebotanical

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