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Nature is most often at the centre of all things design and it continues to inspire and excite us! 

Everyday at The Little Botanical HQ we come across all sorts of exciting home design that will, quite simply, make us happy and create a sense of well-being in our homes and gardens. Obviously right at the top of that list is a selection of our fantastically stylish (and easy to maintain) range of succulents and house plants. We also love to add a splash of other elements that will serve to create a zen-like calm.

There’s always a reason to surround yourself with things you love. With Google at our fingertips, we have easy access to new and exciting interior inspo, gorgeous homeware, funky furniture, prints and plants (had to get that in there again)… the list is endless.  There’s simply no excuse to settle with the boring or mundane is there? Thanks to social media, there are literally thousands of interior design gurus out there. They’re all posting tirelessly on our behalf, to help us find that little piece of desire we’ve been longing for… even if we didn’t know it until we stumbled across it on Instagram at 1.17am…

So, this month we want to share just a few of those lovely things and ideas that we’ve happened upon, as we think they are pretty gorgeous! 

The heatwave hit us hard in the office and our thoughts turned to parties in our gardens. We dreamed of being seated on funky furniture, drinking posh cocktails from pretty little mugs. We think those amazing people over at Anthropologie are pretty cool and when we saw their range of mugs we wanted one (or two or three). Dreaming of the weekend and lazy Summer evenings, sipping our favourite tipple out of these stunning mugs. Food, friends and fun, oh yes, who’s with us?!

Why not style your Summer table with a couple of these mugs? Add a pink and rose gold mini Hoya Heart or Medium Lilacina while you’re at it and it’ll set the party off perfectly!

While we’re still in the garden (it’s just too glorious to go inside), we’re going to need one of these gorgeous beauties. Thanks to the fabulous Interior inspo blogger @house_of_chester, we’ve got this Copa Garden Sofa firmly in our sights.

Isn’t this the most gorgeous outside happy place for you and your buddies to comfortably sink into to enjoy a few cocktails in. A little slice of heaven in our opinion. The throw and those cushions (both by and come as a pair called Flores) oh we love it! Just add a few of our succulents in grey and copper pots such as our Medium Aloe Succulent or  Sansevieria Punk. We think they would finish the look.  Now pass us that Aperol Spritz!

If colour is where you’re at, then these tropical cushions will make you take a sharp intake of breath and want to jump right in among them! Brimming with brightly coloured soft furnishings that just ooze plant jungle loveliness, what’s not to like about these bright, in your face, Toucan cushions Ramphastos from Maison du Monde? Take a couple (or as many as you can carry) out and scatter them on that sofa. Now lay back and you can relax in your very own urban jungle.

There’s an old adage that once you start noticing something you see it everywhere. Well, it’s definitely true for the trusty Monstera plant at the moment.  People can’t get enough of these green leafy lovelies and are literally covering themselves (and anything that doesn’t move) in Monsteras. Dresses, prints, cushions, curtains, bedding and boudoirs – nothing is off-limits.  “Hang them on your ears” we shouted at TLB HQ, and the good people of ASOS clearly heard. They’ve granted our wish with some cheeky little perspex numbers from Jess Adams. Wear these Monstera earrings with pride – no wallflowers here!  For more info and care about looking after Monsteras, check our recent guide: Monstera Deliciosa aka Swiss Cheese Plant.

We also want to share our most recent glorious find – these leaf-shaped pieces of art from Flat Chance. We love, love, love them! Abbie’s bespoke pieces are true works of art and look fantastic wherever you put them. How about sitting them alongside a real TLB Boston fern houseplant?!

Botanical wall art

Clearly, our most favourite things involve greenery and lovely plants and we love all designs from nature. We have shouted a bit about these guys before but in case you haven’t seen… go check out what the terribly clever boys at The Curious Department have been up to.  It’s a veritable Aladdin’s cave of stylish stuff with a dollop more on top. We want to jump right in and smother ourselves in it all!  However, we’ll offer up a dash of (unusual) restraint and settle on this little print as a starter for ten!  This super cool Beetle Print is bang on-trend and on our wishlist for a gallery wall update. It looks oh so good styled with our Monstera and their opulent notepads – the excitement is real people! 

The Curious Department – we’ll be back to buy your curious things, your wallpaper and definitely, most definitely your notepads – I feel a list coming on! A holiday list of course…! Just look at this chair covered in their gorgeous fabric. It all works so perfectly with our Little Botanical signature black and gold pots?  Create this look with a couple of our super stylish succulents, maybe a Haworthia like the one below. This beauty of a cat isn’t ours but we love the look on his face.

With all this botanical themed interior loveliness, we can feel the stresses of daily life almost disappearing. Now to send an invite out to people to have them over to share in all of this happiness…

Happy Summer Days

Team TLB


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