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Summertime Vibes – New Outdoor Plants

Hurray – British Summertime is on its way. It is that time of year again when we start thinking about our gardens, patios and balconies – no outdoor space is overlooked.  Gardeners’ World is back on our screens, the trees are blossoming, the grass is growing and the bees are buzzing.  It’s glorious out there and the perfect time for new outdoor plants!   

Getting out into our gardens and onto our balconies; clearing off those window ledges and smartening up our outside spaces is a way of making everyone smile again. With all our positivity bundled up in a TLB sized package, right now is the time to get out there and do it – spruce up your spaces people.

Cue small drum roll on an upturned TLB pot and a tapping of our glasses, ahem – we’d like to introduce to you our new range of magnificent, colourful and good-looking outdoor plants! We’ve been working rather hard at TLB HQ/Home and we’re pretty pleased with this carefully curated gang, the cousins to the TLB indoor house plants family. What’s more, plant lovers, these leafy friends are a chip off the old block. They have all been grown at our very own nursery in West Sussex.

What better way to celebrate “National Gardening Week” than to launch our very first range of outdoor plants – blooming marvellous!

Begonias and Betulias 

Betulias are actually part of the Begonia family and you can definitely see the similarities. Their beautiful clusters of vibrant flowers are long-lasting. These beauties are pretty easy going as well – no need to worry about lots of maintenance. Keep them well watered and you’ll be rewarded with bountiful flowers for weeks. We have selected our Betulias for their bright and beautiful colours: red, light pink and a dark pink – go with your favourite colour or go with them all. These beauties really are the belles of the ball.   

collection of six potted begonias

If you have a bare area in your garden or want to create a colourful show on your patio, then our Begonia Bundle is a perfect choice. They have a tropical origin, and that’s really reflected in these yellow, orange and red shades. With larger leaves than the Betulias, our Begonias have long-lasting blooms and like a slightly shady space. As any flowers turn brown, make sure you dead-head them to encourage new growth and you’ll be rewarded with copious colour. Like the rest of their family, Begonias like to be kept well watered and need a little space, not too close together, so that their beauty can be fully appreciated.

Lovely Lupins

Lupins are tall and elegant, the supermodel of our garden plants.  They will arrive at their new home completely green and with at least one long bud per plant. As they grow, they develop impressive, stunning flower spikes in intense ombré colours. They are a strong plant and can grow fairly tall, giving you a bit of variety in your garden and making them perfect for beds or borders. Lupins also love sunshine, so make sure you pick a sunny spot whether you are planting them out or keeping them in a pot.

Classic Hydrangeas 

close up of blue hydrangea flowers

We’re no strangers to Hydrangeas, but these bundles of pink and blue blooms are absolutely perfect to brighten up your outdoor spaces. These classic beauties are timeless and with a popularity that never seems to waiver, it’s clear to see why. They have beautiful green leaves with large clusters of flowers, creating huge pops of colour. Over the course of the summer, their colour may change. This helps to create a show-stopping display. They thrive in partial light so keep them out of direct sunshine. Furthermore, they need to be kept well watered so if you notice them drooping a little, give them a swift drink. These ladies don’t like to be left thirsty.

Instant colour and wow factor

bundle of garden plants outside

Do you have a larger space, patio or balcony, where one or two plants just won’t cut the mustard?  Is it an instant rainbow of glorious colour you need – right away, now, quicker than quick?  Then definitely consider our XL bundle. This is our full selection of outdoor plants, giving you everything you need to make an outside space the perfect place.  16 of our best British grown beauties – instant colour, texture and variety, providing an immediate transformation. You’ll receive two large Hydrangeas, six large Betulias, two large Lupins and six Begonias. Perfect to transform a space or just immerse yourself in these fabulous blooms.   

Just keep growing

Gardening has clearly been shown to support good mental health, so there are many benefits in focusing on your plants right now. If you’re finding everything a bit tough or overwhelming, step outside, take a few deep breaths and enjoy the space you’ve helped to create. Nature has a way of distracting us in a positive way. 

Everyone at TLB HQ are here to answer any questions you have so please feel free to get in touch and and just keep growing!  

Team TLB xx

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