British West Country Lupin Gardening Bundle

British West Country Lupin Gardening Bundle


2 spectacular 5L West Country Lupins! Our British grown Lupins can grow up to one metre tall and come in vivid colours which might vary.

Care needs: Low Maintenance PlantsPet-friendly: No

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These two large West Country Lupins love to grow tall and produce beautiful vivid coloured blooms!

These British grown West Country Lupins are just spectacular once they bloom. Support British growers by adding these plants to your garden and we guarantee you will enjoy the theatre of watching them grow. These plants produce the most stunning long-lasting blooms.

This amazing variety produces fantastic flowers; they will arrive green (as per the photo) and with at least one long green bud per plant. Now it’s your turn, you will be amazed to see them grow and bloom! These Lupins can either be kept in the tubs they arrive in and pop them out on to the patio and enjoy the view. Alternatively, they can be planted in a sunny spot. Lupins love sunshine, so choose a sunny spot in your garden when planting.

These plants are hardy herbaceous perennials so will last all year round and can flower the following year in early Summer. If you are looking to watch something grow and enjoy the colourful blooms they produce, then this bundle of two West Country Lupins from The Little Botanical Gardening range is for you. Once unpacked, pop the plants outdoors and ensure they are watered. Choose a place to enjoy them on your patio or plant them in a sunny spot.

Colours may vary.


Lupins are hardy herbaceous perennials and will survive all year round in the garden. Ideally they should be planted in well-draining soil.

Lupins don’t need feeding once planted as they have their own system in their roots for capturing the Nitrogen they need to grow.