Calathea Insignis


Calathea Insiginis has stunning unusual patterned, wavy leaves. Enjoy the drama of your Calathea as those leaves come to life at dawn and close again at night, just like praying hands.

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The Calathea Insignis AKA Rattlesnake Plant has unusual patterned leaves; with dark green patches against a bright green background. This underside of the leaves by contrast is a stunning deep maroon colour. It’s elongated leaves are slightly wavy, all in all making this plant unusual and interesting in appearance. This plant is for a plant collector. Much like the rest of the Calathea Family, the leaves move closer together going to sleep every night and spread out waking up at dawn, so you’ll get to enjoy the contrasting colour of the underside of its leaves too.

This houseplant needs watering every 7 – 10 days or once the soil is slightly dry to touch. It enjoys high humidity so don’t forget to spritz it regularly too.

This Calathea Insignis has long lance-shaped leaves and is the must-have plant of the moment. Grown with care on our nursery on the South coast of England, this beautiful botanical is packaged with care and arrives with a Little Botanical bespoke stoneware or ceramic pot, ready to be place in its forever home. Perfect for an office, kitchen or bathroom, the Calathea Insignis are shade tolerant and like indirect light.

Calathea Insignis are native to the rainforests of Brazil so likes high humidity. Don’t forget to give it an extra spritz as well as watering directly into the soil one a week. The

Calathea Insignis is also known as a rattlesnake plant because of its decorative patterns on the leaves. With their uniquely patterned leaves, this houseplant is very much sought-after. If you are looking to complete your Calathea collection, browse through our full range of Calatheas as these humid-loving Calatheas love to be grouped together.

This unusual Calathea is non-toxic to pets so can be placed in any pet-loving home. Take a peek at our blog on pet-friendly plants at The Hot House to learn more about plants safe for pets.

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Bedroom, Desk/Study, Living Space



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Almond Stoneware, Ceramic, Charcoal Grey Stoneware, Grey Houseplant Pot





Bedroom, Hallway, Office

Plant Care

This beautiful Calathea should be watered once every 7-10 days and we’d suggest you keep checking the soil especially during Summer to ensure it hasn’t dried out. A medium-lit spot with indirect light is perfect for these beauties – just be careful in the Summer months as they don’t love direct sun, as it can scorch their leaves.

Treat him to a little mist every week or so to keep those leaves looking lush and don’t forget to dust them too! Trim off any discoloured leaves as they grow to ensure they look perfect and encourage new growth too!

Don’t forget to keep them out of draughts and away from radiators. They’ll thrive in medium light and high humidity so are perfect for a bathroom or kitchen.


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Go wild with the Calathea Insignis with its striking patterned leaves. A perfect addition to add wow-factor to your indoor jungle.