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String of Hearts Care Guide

String of Hearts Care Guide

With its delicate, heart-shaped leaves, the String of Hearts is the cutest trailing plant. It’s perfect for small spaces and will trail down beautifully from a high shelf.

Did you know? The String of Hearts is a plant of many names. It’s also known as the Chain of Hearts, Rosary Vine, Collar of Hearts, Hearts on a String, Sweetheart Vine and the Ceropegia woodii.

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Water your plant only once the top 2/3 of the soil is dry


Pick off any yellow leaves and carefully untangle the strings to keep your plant looking its best


Position in a bright, sunny spot (avoiding direct sunlight in the middle of summer)

Things To Do

String of Hearts

The String of Hearts is succulent like in nature and therefore pretty drought resistant. They only need a small amount of water once the top 2/3 of the soil is dry. Dip your index finger into the top layer of soil, to check that it’s not too moist before watering again.

However, note that if the leaves do start to appear wrinkled, it needs a little drink.

String of Hearts

The String of Hearts is happiest in a sunny spot. Position your plant close to a good light source and it’ll reward you with growth. Pruning your plant is important too, to keep it looking its best. If you notice your plant starting to look scraggly or leggy, give it a little haircut during spring/summer. And don’t forget to frequently untangle the leaves and trim off any yellowing parts to encourage new growth.

Things Not To Do

String of Hearts

Don’t let your String of Hearts sit in water, as it’s prone to root rot. If your plant is sitting in water, pour away the excess and let the soil dry out. While the plant likes a sunny spot, make sure it’s not in full, direct sunlight in summer. A little burst of sunshine early or late in the day is good.

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see much growth during the winter months. It is normal to slow down at this time of year, and the stems will remain roughly the same length. When spring and summer come around, it’ll start to grow again.

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