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Peperomia Piccolo Care Guide

Peperomia Piccolo Care Guide

The Peperomia Piccolo is a leafy, fast-growing succulent that’ll add some serious style to your home. It’s super easy to care for, making it a great addition to any green gang.

Did you know? The leaves look like mini watermelons. They have striking pale silvery-green leaves, with dark green, sometimes purple veining. In the summer, green spikes of tiny flowers may appear.


Water your plant directly into the soil, letting it dry out in between waterings


Avoid placing your plant in direct sunlight, moderate to low light levels are fine


Remove dead leaves to encourage new growth

Things To do

Peperomia Piccolo

The Peperomia Piccolo stores water in its leaves, so it’s pretty drought resistant. It will let you know when it’s thirsty as its leaves will droop, if you see this happening give it a little drink to perk it up.

You can place your Peperomia Piccolo almost anywhere. While it enjoys indirect sunlight, it’s happy to tolerate low light levels or fluorescent light. This makes it an ideal plant for an office or basement flat.

Normal household humidity is fine but mist the leaves occasionally during the warm summer months.

This plant is considered non-toxic, so there’s no need to keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Things Not To Do

Peperomia Piccolo

Don’t overwater your plant. Wait until the soil’s dried out before watering your plant. If you notice the soil’s too wet, drain it to prevent the roots from rotting. Similarly, avoid the leaves when giving your plant a drink. Watering directly into the soil will keep it happy and healthy.

You should also keep your plant away from draughts to prevent excessive moisture loss and your plant drying out too quickly. Always avoid direct sunlight. Too much sun will cause the leave’s colours and patterns to fade. It also risks the leaves scorching and dying. While it tolerates low light levels, it does need an element of light to survive.

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