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Aloe Vera Care Guide

Aloe Vera Care Guide

Famous for their soothing medicinal properties, Aloe Vera plants have spiky, fleshy leaves filled with aloe gel. They’re super easy to care for and are long-lasting with only a little TLC.

Did you know? The Aloe Vera has many health benefits, its Aloe gel has been used for medical conditions for thousands of years. It also has fab air-purifying properties, cleansing the air around it by removing harmful toxins and chemicals.


Water sparingly. This guy only needs water once a month because it stores moisture in its leaves

Water Soil

Avoid the leaves when watering your Aloe Vera, placing the water directly into the soil


Position your Aloe Vera in a bright, sunny, dry spot out of direct sunlight

Things To Do

Aloe Vera

Because its leaves are good at storing water, your Aloe Vera doesn’t need too much water. In fact, you can get away with only watering it once a month. When you do water your Aloe, give it a small amount and ensure it’s not sitting in water. Check that the soil’s completely dry before watering again.

Aloe Vera plants need a lot of light, place your plant in the brightest spot in your home, such as a south-facing windowsill. Just be careful in the height of Summer as the leaves can get sunburnt and will even turn reddish brown!

Things Not To Do

Aloe Vera

The key thing to do with Aloes, is not to overwater your plant. This can cause the leaves to become so full of water and heavy, causing them to drop and splay out. If this happens, we suggest reducing the frequency of watering and supporting the heavy leaves by propping it up in a corner.  Consistently overwatering can also cause root rot. We suggest draining any excess water by tipping it over the sink each time you water it.

The Aloe Vera likes arid conditions, so no misting needed here. Just mist the moss to keep it nice and fresh and looking green.

The Aloe will struggle to grow and thrive in a shaded position because it comes from North Africa, so it’s best to avoid dark corners in your home.

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