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Elevate Your Living Room with Plants

25 September 2023 | Green Inspiration

Bringing the outdoors in with nature-inspired interior décor is a top trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast, hurrah! A fab way to bring this trend, quite literally to life, is to accessorise your space with beautiful living greenery. So, this week, we’re going to explore creative ways to incorporate plants into your home to make a gorgeously green display. Now, here at TLB, we think every room in the house can benefit from a house plant or two. This week we are focusing on the living room, looking at ways in which we can create beautiful botanical displays to elevate this much-used room in the home.

Houseplants are perfect for bringing texture and interest to your living room. They will really help to soften the space and maximise those chill-out vibes. This can help you to create a lovely, cosy space to relax after a long day.

If the question on your mind is ‘how can I decorate my living room with indoor plants?’, then you’re in the right place. Whether your lounge is small or sprawling, full of light or a little on the darker side, we’ve got some perfect plant options for you. Keep reading for our rundown of the best living room plants. And the good news is, not only will you have yourself an enviable urban jungle, your beautiful botanicals will also bring you a host of health benefits too. This includes purifying the air and inducing feelings of calm and contentment.



Gorgeous Plants that will Thrive in your Living Room

Plants that are Best for Natural Light

There is a wealth of choice for a living room that is bathed in natural light. These options will thrive in a room that benefits from some sunshine streaming in. Read on for some botanical inspiration!

For an injection of gorgeous, fresh foliage, check out the Diffenbachia. This leafy beauty boasts bright, large, two-tone leaves that will really shine on a coffee table. Whether you choose the almond, charcoal or grey ceramic, the earthy, natural texture will complement the plant perfectly and add some texture. Keep him happy with weekly watering and plenty of natural light.

Add some stunning colour to your living room with a beautiful Begonia Beleaf. These highly patterned, colourful botanicals come in a variety of colours from silvery green to deep purple. They bring real wow factor to your room. These beauties are well suited to the experienced plant parents among you. In addition to plenty of light, they like to be watered regularly. You can also prune them to keep them looking fresh and to encourage new growth.


Next up is the Peperomia Obtusifolia. A more compact green beauty whose shiny, green leaves can take centre stage on the edge of a mantelpiece or nestled on a side table. This guy is pretty laid back too! He only needs a drink once the soil has almost dried out.

Inject a little structural style to your living room with a distinctive Yucca. Not only does he look oh-so-cool, this miniature tree is super easy to look after. He only needs a drink every couple of weeks. He’s a fab air purifier too. All in all, he’s a top choice for greening up your living room.


A Monstera, also well known as a Swiss Cheese Plant is a timeless choice for bringing stylish green vibes to your living room. With his statement size and signature large, holey, heart-shaped leaves, this guy makes an eye-catching botanical statement. With a little TLC, water once a week and plenty of light, this guy will grow and grow right before your eyes.


Plants that are Best for Low-Light Living Areas

Did you know that you can still fill your living room with plants even if it’s a low-light space? There are plenty of low-light plants to choose from that will thrive in your lounge with minimal light. Let’s take a look at some of our top picks.

The Sansevieria has an awful lot going for him. Not only will he be happy to bring all the botanical vibes to a low-light lounge, he’s also super laid back and oh-so-easy on the eye. This hard-leaved, tropical beauty is often referred to as a Snake Plant. He boasts distinctive, upright, vibrant green leaves edged with yellow. He’s a pro at purifying the air too! There’s really nothing not to love about this gorgeous green guy.

For an injection of timeless elegance in your living room, consider a Chamaedorea. Also known as a Parlour Palm, the gorgeous spray of long, thin foliage will bring an air of sophistication to your décor. With a choice of bespoke ceramics, you’re sure to find something that perfectly complements your interior style.

A Zamioculcas, with his plethora of upright, shiny green leaves, is just perfect for bringing some green style to the coffee table in your low-light living room. This guy, also known as a ZZ Plant, is the epitome of easy-care plant style. This is thanks to his willingness to be neglected. Not only can he thrive in low light conditions, he also copes admirably without water for many weeks. Try to remember to check in on him about once a month and give him a drink when his soil has dried out.

An English Ivy will bring all the trailing vibes to your living room. Pop this deep green beauty high up on a shelf or on the edge of your mantelpiece and admire those fast-growing, cascading vines. Whilst sitting pretty he’ll also quietly purify the air. He won’t demand too much of your time either. Simply water him once his soil has dried out and enjoy the view.

Small Plants that are Best for Shelving

Shelving units are a popular furniture choice in a living room, providing a useful spot to store your favourite books and display treasured photographs. Incorporating a few artfully placed indoor plants onto your shelves is a great way to bring some variety and texture to your shelves and soften the view.

We’ve chosen a couple of more compact, structured botanicals that we think would work beautifully nestled among your nick-nacks on a shelf.

The Sansevieria Punk is a super stylish, easy-care choice with a uniquely funky spray of long, rigid foliage. Styled in a choice of our bespoke metallic-dipped or glazed ceramics, this guy might be small but he’ll certainly pack a stylish punch on your shelf display.

Create a dazzling display with the stunning Haworthia, a striking succulent sporting zebra-like stripes for the ultimate, insta-ready shelfie. This guy will happily do his thing without the need for too much attention from you. Simply give him a small amount of water every 1 to 2 months.

Atop a shelf is the perfect place to pop a trailing plant. Take a look at the Peperomia Rotundifolia, a gorgeous trailing succulent, also known as a Jade Plant. This will nestle beautifully on a shelf thanks to his compact size.


Hanging Plants for Small Living Spaces and Wall Mounted Plants

If your living room is on the smaller side, you might be concerned that you can’t include plants in your décor for fear of making the room too cluttered. Fortunately, indoor plants come in all shapes and sizes. Thanks to some clever styling solutions, it is possible to create an urban jungle even in a smaller space. Keep reading to discover our top ideas and recommendations for plants for small spaces.

When you are short on space in your living room, a great way to incorporate plants is to use the walls and ceilings. Hanging plants are visually stunning. They also provide a fab solution for displaying plants in a space-poor environment.

Choose a beautiful trailing plant such as the Satin Pothos with his variegated silvery leaves, or the Devil’s Ivy with his vibrant, heart-shaped leaves. Pop them in one of our ultra stylish natural macramé plant hangers. For added ease, you can also purchase our Wolfram Leather Plant Hanger. This comes in a choice of leather colours to suit your scheme, to make displaying your hanging beauty a breeze.

Alternatively, you could consider incorporating a truly showstopping style option into your smaller living room. This can be achieved with our bang-on-trend, wall-mounted living walls or living art. The Plantbox Living Wall with Houseplants is a clever system that gives you a stylish and space-saving solution for bringing the outdoors in to your home. This unique system comes complete with house plants! It is so easy to put together and has an integrated watering system. That makes looking after your plants oh-so-simple.

Our Mobilane Living Art with Houseplants is another fab option for a vertical green display. The wall-mounted frame is easy to put together and the plants are included in the package. There’s even a handy indicator to let you know when they need water. Happy days!

Living wall image credit @springbarn_

Tall Plants for an Empty Corner

Larger plants can make a gorgeous focal point in your living room, especially if you’ve got an empty corner that’s just crying out for some greenery. Here’s our pick of the best big living room plants to fill an empty corner.

First up is the Scindapsus, a luscious, leafy beauty that’s planted with a moss pole to allow him to climb beautifully and fill your space.

The big, bold and beautiful XL Bird of Paradise is simply stunning. His huge, paddle-shaped, vibrant green leaves are a far more appealing sight than an empty corner. They are complemented perfectly by either a rustic belly basket or an elegant grey ceramic.

Bring some zing with the XL Lemon and Lime Dracaena. This vibrant, structural beauty is a joy to behold, sure to brighten up the gloomiest of corners.


Spiky, structural and oh-so-stylish, the Dracaena, also known as a Dragon Tree is another fab choice for your living room jungle. Potted in our signature cotton and seagrass belly basket, this eye-catching guy brings all the botanical style you’ll need.

Transform a dull corner into a style statement with the epic Fiddle Leaf Fig. This statement plant with his large leaves and incredible shape will turn your dreary corner into an enviable indoor jungle.


So that brings us to the end of our guide to the best plants for your living room. We hope we’ve brought you plenty of inspiration to elevate your space with some botanical buddies that are perfect for your living room. Whether it be large or small, full of light or lacking in light! As always, if you have any questions, please do drop us a line at [email protected]. Until next time plant tribe.

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