Crassula Care Guide

Congratulations, you’re now a proud plant parent of a Crassula.

These gorgeous Crassulas are trusty, low-maintenance succulents with thick, glossy leaves. You might know this beauty better by its other names, “Money Plant” or “Jade plant”. Crassulas are native to South Africa and are part of a diverse group of succulents made up of around 200 different plant species.

Did you know? The Crassula is also known as a Jade plant because its leaves are the same colour as the precious stone.

Top 3 Care Tips



Water your Crassula plant evenly across the soil once every 3-4 weeks, avoiding the leaves



Mist the moss lightly to keep it looking fresh and green.



Place your Crassula in a well-lit spot.

Things To Do

Succulents prefer to be watered sparingly directly into the soil every 3-4 weeks. This should keep your succulent looking happy and healthy.

Crassula plants need plenty of sunlight. Place yours on an east or west-facing windowsill, which will provide plenty of sunshine without direct light.

Things Not To Do

When watering your plant, avoid getting the leaves too wet to keep them healthy. If water stays on the leaves for long periods, they can begin to rot. Similarly, be careful not to overwater your little plant so the roots don’t rot. Drain away any excess water from the

Consistently underwatering can cause the glossy, turgid leaves to shrivel, turn dull in colour, lose their sponginess, or the stems can fail and fall off the plant. Ensuring the plant gets watered enough during the summer months will prevent these symptoms.


We hope you enjoy your new plant as much as we enjoyed caring and packing it for you.

Love, Team TLB xx