Obviously we can’t get enough of the growing trend for all things green and botanical themed. This isn’t a new trend it has actually been growing on a very steep upward climb for the last 3 years. But the amount of amazing products available for us to buy with some stunning botanical designs has really hit a level that is not good for any of our bank balances!

Botanical illustrations have been seen in the art world as early as the year 512. So for many hundreds of years artists have been looking to our wonderful world around us for inspiration and creativity when creating masterpieces.

Now fast forward to 2017 and we have seen a huge renaissance in the use of botanicals in all sorts of consumer goods, as well as many household items including cushions, wallpaper, fabric, clothing and stationery. We wanted to share some of our favourite products with Botanical themes so you can turn your home into your very own greenhouse!

House of Hackney- Palmeral Wallpaper
This is an investment- but imagine a room, or even a wall with this stunning print. We just love it in a downstairs loo to create a real statement.

Notecards – Royal Horticultural Society
Who doesn’t love getting some post that isn’t a bill! We think we should all write to each other more and engage in some lovely written exchanges with these stunning designs from a collection of original artworks held by the Natural History Museum.

Fern Print Robe – Desmond and Dempsey
Pyjamas should be gorgeous! With all the running and rushing we all do, getting in from work and chucking on a pair of PJs should be a real treat and ease us into an hour or two of chill!

Cactus Cushions- Zara Home
Zara is a great one stop shop for all things home decor! Gorgeous pieces for your home that will not break the bank.