Mini Cacti Plant Family
From £46.00

Mini Cacti Plant Family

From £46.00

Create a plant shelfie with this gang of mini Cacti. Striking, structural and spikey!

Care needs: Low Maintenance PlantsPet-friendly: No

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Perfect for your “plant-killer” friend! We all have one..!

This Mini Cacti Plant Family in our signature pots are a great addition to your home jungle. The Little Botanical Cacti Family includes a Medium Bunny-Ear Cactus and 3 different Mini Cacti. You are going to love the variety and striking shapes of them all!

Why not group them together on a windowsill or create your own cactii plant shelfie to add texture to your living area. As cacti are known for their drought tolerance, you don’t need to be green-fingered to care for your new additions.

Perfect for complete beginners, cacti are easy to care for don’t need much attention. They can be left alone for weeks and weeks and won’t complain. They do need small amounts of water to grow, just be careful not to over water them as they will not like it! They like a warm, dry and bright environment so are happy in most living spaces. Adding this prickly gang of cacti to your home will bring those Summer vibes indoors. Yes, they are spikey! Be careful not to get pricked, we recommend using thick gloves or folded up paper if you need to handle the plants.

Please note that as this is a natural plant, the variety and shape of Cactus may vary from the photo. We think all of its shapes are beautiful!

Please note: the ears on the Cactus are very fragile and some may be lost during transit, rest assured, this will not affect the growth of the plant and they will grow back.

These cacti in their classic TLB signature pots will fill your home with spikey, structural greenery!


Water lightly every 3-4 weeks and make sure the excess water drains.

Yes, they are spikey, be careful not to get pricked! Small Cactus burrs can become loose in transit, so take extra care when unpacking this plant. We recommend using thick gloves or folded up paper if you need to handle the plants. If your skin does come in to contact with the burrs, wash with mild soap and water immediately. Any visible spines can be removed with tweezers and sellotape.

Please note; the shape and size of the Cactus may vary.

Read our plant care guide, to help keep your Cacti Family looking fresh.

Cactus Care Guide

The Cactus is small but mighty. A spikey, sun-loving beauty that is perfect for newbie plant-parents.

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