The Syngonium is better known as the Arrowhead Vine. This is because the plant loves to grow outwards in all different directions. They are also prolific climbers and can attach to almost anything so will need to be trimmed regularly, which will then facilitate better, stronger growth.

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More about Syngonium plants

They are low-light tolerant houseplants and will grow virtually anywhere in your home. Their leaves display a wide range of colours and patterning, so choose the one that best fits your personality.

The most wonderful attribute of this adaptable houseplant is that it can be trained to grow any way you want! Try encouraging them to grow on a moss pole or even a wall. Their tendrils (aerial roots) will attach themselves to a wide range of surfaces, but note that you should tie older plants to their supports to give the new growth time to climb.

Syngonium has fantastic character and personality, and they are also the perfect houseplants for the people with little to no plant care experience. They can live a long time without fertilizer, and can be placed in almost any space with very little light and live a long time (all indoor plants need some light to thrive though).

View our climbing plant care guide for more help growing this wonderful plant!