The gorgeous Fittonia is easily recognised by its striking patterned foliage, often a really eye-catching and bold colour such as pink, though it can come in more subtle tones too. This moisture-loving plant grows on the rainforest floor in the wild, so can trail – making it a great option for a bathroom or kitchen windowsill.

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More about the Fittonia

The Fittonia is a fantastic option for terrariums and is a real stunner for an indoor jungle collection – adding colour and texture. Although delicate and at times a little temperamental if it isn’t left in a humid spot, this Fittonia isn’t too tricky to look after.

The soft colourful leaves of the Fittonia make this beauty unique too.  It is sometimes referred to as the nerve plant because its coloured stalks look like the nervous system of the plant.

Remember – high humidity is key and make sure you don’t let the soil dry out. Please note too that each plant has its own unique colour and leaf texture!