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Our Range of Luxury Candles

Our collection of luxury candles will make a fab addition to our lovingly curated range of homewares as we continue our quest to make home styling oh-so-simple; gorgeously accessorised interiors can be yours at the click of a button. As with all of our homewares, we have chosen these new products lovingly to ensure that they will fabulously complement our gorgeous greenery, enabling you to express your individual style with ease.

The Big Reveal

The time has finally come for us to officially reveal that our much-anticipated new range is… drum roll please… a selection of four luxuriously scented, bespoke candles, yay! There’s nothing more wonderful than being enveloped in a gorgeous fragrance as you walk into a room. Developing a range of Little Botanical scents to give you, our lovely customers, beautifully fragranced accessories to include in your already beautifully (green) styled homes felt like a natural next step. We’re so excited to finally share this range with you, and just in time for Christmas too – they’ll be hitting our virtual shelves on 2nd December!

We have worked closely with an award-winning, British-owned, family-run candle maker to ensure that our TLB luxury candle range is of the highest quality. Our single-wick candles are made with a blend of vegetable and mineral wax and hand-poured into one of our bespoke, glazed ceramics right here in the UK. Each candle comes with a protective mango wood lid, which works brilliantly as a base for the candle to sit on when lit and as a snuffer to extinguish the flame. In even better news, all the packaging, including the gorgeously designed box that the candles are packaged in, is fully recyclable. Once your candle has burnt down, you can use it to give one of our naked plants a home.

To ensure the best scent and to prevent any smoking we recommend trimming the candle’s wick to approximately 5mm before lighting.

The Four Gorgeous Scents

From invigorating to calming, our four individual scents have been lovingly designed to help you escape on a sensory journey. Let us tell you more…

Sandalwood & Cedar

As comforting as a warm hug on a cold day, we have developed this fragrance with pure comfort and relaxation in mind. Let the rich and woody scent envelop your senses; the notes of sandalwood and cedar infused expertly with plum, cinnamon and patchouli bring a warmth and depth that relaxes your body and mind. This luxurious scent, hand poured in our glazed grey ceramic, really does encapsulate the comforting feel of being wrapped in a familiar hug.

Pop this luxury candle in your living room or bedroom for an atmosphere of cosy tranquillity, just perfect when you need to relax and unwind.

Wild Fig & Ginger

Simply oozing exotic scents, this luxurious blend has been designed to boost your energy and improve your mood. Hand poured in our bespoke, glazed ceramic in green, the uplifting notes of wild fig and ginger mingle evocatively with bergamot and orange for a refreshing and energising atmosphere. 

Bring this deluxe candle into your office and let this expertly blended scent invade your senses to help refocus your mind and increase attention when you need it most.

Pomegranate & Berry

This aromatic blend will take your body and mind on a sensual and stimulating journey, allow you to bask in the luxurious glow of this beautifully scented candle, hand-poured in our bespoke, glazed black ceramic. The invigorating blend of gentle pomegranate and raspberry scents intertwined with warming musk and cedarwood will reawaken your senses and soothe your mind.

Pop this luxurious candle in your bedroom and after the flame is extinguished, the aromatic scent will linger in the evening air to soothe and unwind as you drift to sleep.

Aloe & Jasmine

Float away on this delicate blend of aloe vera, jasmine and rose perfectly paired with a sweet and fruity apple top note. Hand-poured in our soft pink glazed pot, this fresh and floral scent will bring tranquillity and calm to any space. It will help you to relax and get away from the stresses of busy, modern-day life.

Try popping this aromatic candle in your living room to reinvigorate the space, bringing fabulous freshness and tranquillity.

Luxury Candles & Plant Gift Sets

With the festive season knocking at the door, we all need some gift ideas for Christmas. We think our new luxury candles and our fabulous houseplants make the perfect pairing and so we have thoughtfully curated a lovely collection of plant and candle gift bundles. Oh-so gorgeous options for unique gifts to your loved ones, or even as a treat for yourself. Go on, give the gift of green paired with irresistible, luxurious scents.

For our first pairing we have teamed the aromatic Pomegranate & Berry candle with our distinctive Haworthia succulent. This fab bundle, styled in our bespoke black, glazed ceramics, will bring unique texture and style as well as a gorgeous luxurious scent to style up your interiors.

Next up is our delicate Aloe & Jasmine candle and there really was only one choice for this plant pairing. It had to be none other than our beautiful, air-purifying Aloe succulent. Styled in our bespoke, glazed ceramics in soft pink, this pair will enliven and invigorate your space.

Our comforting Sandalwood & Cedar luxury candle is paired with the stunningly ghostly Lilacina. This gift bundle, styled in our bespoke, grey, glazed ceramics, will bring unrivalled elegance to your home.

And finally, our exotic Wild Fig & Ginger luxury candle is partnered with the striking Miranda succulent. Styled in our bespoke, glazed green ceramics, this bundle will make an oh-so-chic statement in your living area.

We hope you have enjoyed reading all about our newest addition to the TLB family and that you’re as excited as we are about our luxury candles. We have loved developing these four luxurious scents and we hope you love them as much as us. Please do let us know your favourite, we’d love to hear what you think, drop us a line at [email protected].

Until next time plant (and candle!) tribe.

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