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Satin Pothos Care Guide

Satin Pothos Care Guide

The beautiful Satin Pothos is all about the silver dotty heart-shaped leaves. It’s a climbing plant so perfect for a high shelf, placed in a macramé hanger or trained around an archway in your home. In its natural habitat, it is most commonly found growing in rainforests.

Did you know? The Satin Pothos is known to be a low-maintenance plant as it needs little light and water! It also has many other names, including Silver Vine, Silver Cloud, Silk Pothos and Silver Philodendron. It also goes by the Latin name Scindapsus Pictus Argyraeus.


Check the soil and only water when the top inch or so of soil is dry


This plant likes a bit of humidity, so regularly mist your plant to keep it moist


Choose a bright spot with plenty of indirect sunlight to help it thrive

Things To Do

Satin Pothos

The Satin Pothos likes a humid environment, so regularly mist your plant to keep it hydrated. You could also pop it in a bathroom to take the hard work out of keeping it hydrated.

Although it likes a tropical environment, it prefers slightly dry soil so make sure you allow it to dry out a bit in between waterings.

Although this plant can tolerate lower light levels, it is more likely to thrive and trail in brighter conditions, so pop it in a light spot so it receives lots of indirect sunlight. It will naturally grow towards the light.

Satin Pothos

The Satin Pothos is considered toxic, so keep it away from your furry friends and small children. For pet friendly alternatives, take a look at our extensive pet-friendly range of houseplants.

Your Scindapsus Pictus will only need repotting once every 1-2 years. Don’t be afraid to trim your satin pothos to tidy up the plant. This should be done during spring/summer and these stems can easily be propagated into new plants.

Things Not To Do

Satin Pothos

Satin pothos shows its issues in its leaves. If the air is too dry or it’s not getting enough water, this plant can wilt and develop brown leaves that will eventually drop off leaving scraggly stems. The perfect place for your Pothos is a bright room with higher humidity levels, like a bathroom.

Although this plant enjoys a humid environment, as mentioned above, it doesn’t like being over-watered. Over-watering can lead to its leaves turning yellow, so be careful and only water your plant once you’re confident the top layer of soil is dry.

Trim your Satin Pothos in spring or summer if it looks scraggly to encourage new growth.

The Satin Pothos is also not a fan of being chilly, so choose a nice warm room and keep it away from cold draughts.

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