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Dieffenbachia Care Guide

Dieffenbachia Care Guide

With its luscious, leafy foliage, the gorgeous Dieffenbachia comes in so many different shades and patterns of green – perfect for brightening up your kitchen or bathroom.

Did you know? The plant was named after Mr Dieffenbach, the head gardener at the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria. In Brazil, it’s believed that the plant protects against negative energy and the evil eye.


Let the top few cms of soil dry out before watering. Do a thumb check to test if it needs a drink.


Dieffenbachia enjoy bright, indirect light best, but can cope in a shadier corner too.


Over time any damaged or yellowing leaves can be simply removed. Prune to maintain the shape of the plant.

Things To Do


You only need to water it once the top two inches of soil feel dry. If the soil’s a little damp, give it a couple more days to dry out at the top before giving it a drink.

The Dieffenbachia enjoys a generic plant food every 3-4 weeks, particularly during the growing season in Spring and Summer.

This houseplant is best kept in a position that gets plenty of filtered sunlight. Just rotate the plant frequently so that all sides get enough light.

Things Not To Do


The Dieffenbachia is used to tropical climates so likes being warm. Keep your houseplant away from draughts or any cold spots in your home. Anything above 15 degrees Celsius will keep your plant at its happiest.

Overwatering can be a problem for Dieffenbachias, they don’t like soggy, oversaturated soil as this can cause their leaves to turn yellow. Adjust the amount of water and frequency of watering to prevent this.

The plant’s sap and leave are poisonous if ingested, so keep out of reach of children and pets.

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