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Aloe Succulent Care Guide

Aloe Succulent Care Guide

Aloe Succulents have spiky, fleshy leaves and are great at storing water, so are super easy to care for and long-lasting.  This low maintenance plant looks fab wherever you place it.

Did you know? The Aloe Succulent is an air-purifying beauty and can help remove harmful toxins to help cleanse and purify the air around you.


The Aloe stores water in its leaves, so only water your plant once every 3-4 weeks

Water Soil

When watering, avoid the leaves and place a small amount of water directly into the soil.


Place it in a bright, sunny spot. A darker, gloomy corner can cause the leaves to grow pale/white in colour.

Things To Do

Aloe Vera

Easy does it with the watering. You only need to water your Aloe Succulent approximately once a month. That’s because it stores so much moisture in its fleshy leaves. We recommend only rehydrating your plant once the soil’s completely dry.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Succulents crave lots of light, so choose the brightest spot in your home, a south-facing windowsill would be an excellent location for this plant. Just be careful in the height of Summer and move further into the room to avoid the leaves scorching.

Things Not To Do

Aloe Vera

Don’t overwater your plant, as this can cause brown spots on the leaves. Too much moisture will also cause the plants roots to rot. We suggest draining any excess water by tipping it over the sink.

If your plants leaves are shrivelled or dull in appearance, this can be a sign of underwatering.

Aloe Vera

To keep the moss fresh, we’d recommend misting the moss but not the plant to keep it nice and green. The Aloe Succulent prefers arid conditions, so it’ll do just fine without any extra humidity.

This sun-loving little guy should be kept away from dark, shady spots, as it will struggle to grow and can turn pale or white in colour.

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