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10 Mood-boosting plants for World Wellness Week

In celebration of World Wellness Week, we want to highlight the amazing benefits plants bring to our well-being.

26 June 2024 | Green Inspiration

In celebration of World Wellness Week, in Team TLB, we want to highlight the amazing benefits plants bring to our well-being. From enhancing air quality to boosting mental health, plants play a crucial role in creating healthier, more harmonious living environments. Indoor greenery not only purifies the air by absorbing toxins but also increases humidity, reducing respiratory issues. Moreover, the presence of plants has been linked to decreased stress levels, improved mood, and heightened productivity, making them invaluable companions in our pursuit of holistic wellness. This week, let’s explore and embrace the various ways plants contribute to our physical, mental, and emotional health. Read on to find out more about our Top 10 Mood Boosting plants below.

At The Little Botanical, we believe that wellness is a holistic journey, not a destination. Here are some of our favourite ways to boost your well-being this World Wellness Week:

Surround Yourself with Plants Bring a touch of nature indoors with our beautiful range of indoor plants, we’ve listed our Top 10 Mood-boosting plants below. They purify the air, reduce stress, and boost your mood, creating a serene environment in your home or workspace. If you have a green thumb, gardening can be a fantastic way to connect with nature too. Why not enjoy the therapeutic benefits of nurturing plants.

Physical Activity Engage in regular physical activities like walking, running, boxing or dancing to improve your physical health and release those happy endorphins. Spending time outdoors walking in nature or biking also combines exercise with the benefits of being in nature, doubling the wellness boost.

Social Connections Strengthen your social bonds by calling or visiting friends and family. Simple acts of kindness, like writing a thank-you note, sending an unexpected gift to a friend or helping out a neighbour, can also boost your happiness and well-being.

Healthy Eating Fuel your body and mind with a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day, especially in this hot weather!

Creative Activities Express yourself and relieve stress through creative activities like painting, drawing or crafting. Listening to or playing music can also elevate your mood and enhance emotional well-being.

Self-Care Take time for relaxation techniques such as a warm bath, reading a book, or practicing yoga. We have a fantastic offer on socials this week with Blessed Yoga. Why not give something new a try?

Nature Connection Regular walks in nature can rejuvenate your mind and body. Spending time relaxing in your garden or a park allows you to soak up the benefits of fresh air and natural surroundings.

By incorporating any of these activities into your daily routine, you can significantly enhance your well-being and enjoy a more balanced, fulfilling life.

You don’t always need to make big changes, sometimes it’s the simplest of things that result in the biggest impact. To spread some happiness around this World Wellness Week, why don’t you smile at the person beside you, do something kind for another, call a friend (messaging doesn’t count), or send a surprise gift to a friend? These simple actions can help anyone struggling, including ourselves, find a reason to smile more. At TLB, we firmly believe that wellness is not a destination but a way of life. Sometimes, a little extra boost can make all the difference.

Take care of yourself with our direct-to-you plant deliveries. It’s a brilliant way to cheer yourself up with a little green friend or to send a living plant to a friend to show you care. A little green buddy is sure to raise a smile and help put a spring back in their step. With the longer days we are experiencing, take full advantage of the extra hours of daylight and enjoy the sunlight. Its good for you and your plants love the extra daylight too!

Keep reading our blog below for our top 10 powerful mood-boosting plant gifts for anyone in need of a mini pick-me-up.

Mood-Boosting Plants

When you want to show a friend in need that you’re thinking about them and remind them that you care, a leafy green houseplant is a super choice. Indoor plants are known to have a number of health benefits and don’t forget all the plants and succulents in The Little Botanical’s curated range come in bespoke and stylish pots or belly baskets. You’ll be sending your loved one a ready-made, stylish gift with benefits.

Succulent Plant Gang

This stunning succulent trio is a great choice for a friend in need of a pick-me-up. Arriving in a choice of gorgeous ceramics, this plant gang will bring eye-catching texture and style. For an added bonus, they’re easy to look after too. Simply pop them in a light spot and give them water every 3 to 4 weeks.

Hoya Kerrii Double Heart

What better way to send a friend some love than with a gorgeous heart-shaped plant gift? And as if these heart-shaped beauties weren’t fab enough, you can also personalise the pot with a unique message. That makes these cute green hearts an extra thoughtful, smile-inducing gift.

Satin Pothos

With speckled silver patterns on deep green leaves, the fabulous Satin Pothos is quite simply breathtaking. Potted in a choice of almond, charcoal or grey ceramics, this trailing houseplant makes a wonderful mood-boosting plant gift. It is the perfect way to send a little blues-busting cheer.

Satin Pothos

Asparagus Fern

This unique plant boasts feathery, delicate fronds that will make a beautifully elegant statement in an indoor jungle. Ferns require a little more TLC when it comes to keeping them thriving, so they are a great choice to gift to seasoned plant parents. To keep him happy, place him away from draughts and out of direct sunlight. Give him water when the top layer of soil is dry and never let him sit in water. He will also enjoy a good mist every now and again as he likes humidity.

Fern Duo

Another fab option for a fern-loving friend. This beautiful bundle pairs a Blue Star fern with a Boston Fern, both potted in our oh-so-chic grey or green reactive glazed ceramics. This duo is ready and waiting to add instant style and help banish those blues.

Dracaena Trio

Another highly giftable bundle is this trio of stunning Dracaenas. Their gorgeous, vibrant green leaves really pop against the chic grey or green glazed pot. They are sure to bring tropical vibes and smiles all round. And, they are very easy to look after as well – winning!

Mini Dracaena Head

A low-maintenance Dracaena Head is just fab and we think should be considered as a little easy-care mood booster. Just as leafy and gorgeous as the duo mentioned above, this one comes in a choice of pots. That means you can choose something that will really complement your lucky recipient’s style. And the pots can be personalised to add that extra thoughtful touch to your gift.

Mini Dracaena Head

Sansevieria Punk

The baby of our Sansevieria family, the Sansevieria Punk, is perhaps the best recommendation we can make for a plant gift to cheer someone up. This guy is just epic, from his funky good looks to his easy-care creds, not forgetting his air-purifying powers. He really does have a lot going for him.

Sansevieria Punk
Sansevieria Punk

Aloe Succulent

Our cute, easy-care Aloe succulent not only looks good but these wondrous plants are also well known for their healing properties thanks to the soothing gel found in their leaves. That makes them a fab choice for a friend who is feeling a little under the weather.

Miranda Succulent

Another excellent succulent choice is our Miranda, just like all succulents, she’s easy to care for and will add fabulous interest and style to any indoor jungle. Whether you choose one of our metallic dipped ceramics or a reactive glazed pot, this gorgeous greenery will complement any interior.


Blooming Bright Hydrangeas

To really treat yourself or a friend, our Hydrangea Bundles in white, pink or blue are a bright, colourful addition to your garden. Whatever colour you decide, you can’t go wrong with these beauties to enhance your outdoor space. Their delicate mop heads are perfect for adding some texture to the outdoors not matter the size of your garden, patio or balcony. Spending time relaxing in your garden or connecting with the earth allows you to soak up the benefits of fresh air and natural surroundings.

We hope this blog has helped you to think about World Wellness week and either adopt a new routine or enjoy some new mood-boosting greenery.

With Love,
Team TLB x

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