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Here at the Little Botanical, we’re potty about potted houseplants, botanical homewares and high-quality plant pots. When we founded The Little Botanical back in 2017, we had a dream to bring beautifully packaged, easy-care, low-maintenance houseplants to customers, allowing them to add green style to their homes and offices with ease – not simply plant solutions but style solutions too.

We have grown over time to offer more and more stylish solutions to our lovely customers, old and new. So, this week we want to draw your attention to our range of bespoke Little Botanical homewares and pots. We spend a lot of time talking about the green beauties themselves and rightly so. But, without their gorgeous accessories to complete the look they’re like nails without varnish – all the function, none of the style!

An Accessory for Every Style and Need

The TLB team pride ourselves on making it oh so easy to furnish your home with indoor plants. We take away the stress of having to choose which plant you’d like and then find a decorative pot that’s the right size, by making sure all of our plants come ready-styled in a gorgeous ceramic or belly basket. However, we do realise that every now and then, the green beauty itself is surplus to requirements.

Perhaps a friend has gifted you a plant baby from an existing houseplant or one of your favourites has outgrown their current home. Whatever the reason may be, we know that to offer a complete style solution, you lovely plant people need to be able to buy botanical homewares and plant pots without the plants from time to time.

As we said above, our range of pots and accessories are designed to elevate your green style whatever your personal taste. From indoor and outdoor pots in all shapes and sizes to home accessories that will take your home décor to the next level, our range of botanical homewares is full of ideas and inspiration to help you upgrade your look.

From timeless classics to on point trends, you’re sure to find something you’ll love! Keep reading to see what we have to offer.

Rustic, Natural Charm from The Little Botanical Homewares

Nature-inspired interiors is a style trend that has been gaining momentum in recent years and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in a hurry. Inviting nature into our homes, bringing the outdoors in, as they say, allows us to inject a feeling of calm and tranquillity into our abodes. For obvious reasons, indoor houseplants are a fantastic way to tap into this trend, but if you really love this trend, a selection of our pots and accessories provide the perfect way to really maximise it in your home.

Take a look at our signature seagrass and cotton belly baskets. Available in 4 sizes, these gorgeous, woven baskets are waterproof, making them the perfect home for your favourite houseplant in a nature-inspired space. Of course, they are so versatile you might decide to use them as a handy storage solution instead. However you may choose to style them, one thing is certain, they will bring natural texture and style to your home.

Another fab option are our Natural Macramé Plant Hangers. There’s so much to love about these gorgeous accessories, not only do they provide a perfect plant styling solution for smaller spaces, they’re perfectly designed to display your trailing foliage. They’ll bring oodles of rustic, boho chic too! Available in two sizes, they are handwoven by artisans using sustainable cotton and eucalyptus. And with their intricate knotting and tassel details, your indoor jungle will never have looked so stylish.

Using nature-inspired objects and accessories is also a fab way to elevate your rustic style, for some inspiration in bringing this trend to life, take a look at our Mango Wood Coasters. These are such a good option for tapping into this trend; firstly, they are made from wood, a classic natural material.

Secondly, they are sustainable, native to South East Asia with the highest concentration in India. Using the wood for homewares means it can continue to be useful even after the tree has become too tall to harvest. The farmer can plant new trees in place of the old ones and make additional income from the wood that he sells on. And the good news keeps coming, not only do these coasters look super stylish, the mango wood is incredibly hard-wearing and water resistant, perfect for protecting your sideboards, whether you choose to pop your houseplants on them or use them as drinks coasters – or both! The only thing left to decide is which size to go for; the small coasters are available as a set of 4 and the large as a set of 2. Or, go big and get them all with our coaster bundle.

Add a Splash of Colour with our Summer Collection

Injecting some colour into your interiors, whether that be through a painted feature wall or the accessories that you choose, is another style trend that’s staying with us this year. Our summer pots have been designed to help you bring some fun-loving, happiness-inducing colour into your lives for the sunny summer season whilst at the same time complimenting the key colour trends of the moment. In a choice of sunshine yellow, dusky pink, calming blue and tranquil green, which will be your favourite? Get them while you can as we’re not expecting these gorgeous ceramics to be around for long.

Less is More with Natural Neutrals

It seems that no matter what trends come and go, there are some trends that, year in, year out, seem to always make an appearance and neutrals are one of them. And it’s not surprising given that they can add such a calming and restorative feel to a space. They’re fabulously easy to incorporate into your décor and even cleverly combine with other trends. If neutral homewares and accessories are right up your street, you’ll love our range of Stoneware Pots. Available in almond or charcoal grey these gorgeous pots are made from unglazed stoneware and have a ridged texture for the ultimate in neutrality, bringing a minimalist yet chic feel to your interior.

If you’re looking for a slightly more luxurious, elegant feel for your neutral décor, our marble plant pot with stand could be just what you’re looking for. Whether you choose the short or tall option, this plant stand brings an unrivalled air of timeless elegance.

Incorporating tones of grey is another way to bring your neutral interior style bang up to date and on trend. Our TLB range has some fab ideas for adding shades of grey. We just love our concrete pot with varnished base. These hand-made, partially glazed pots in a bespoke, TLB design, are perfect for elevating your neutral interior to the next level in the style stakes.

And our grey options don’t end there, take a look at this small, grey ceramic pot with a dappled effect for added texture and interest or this stunning handmade grey pot which is available in 3 sizes to suit all of your houseplant and interior needs.

Elevate Your Style with Metallic Hues

There’s no denying that adding metallic accents to your home is a sure-fire way to instantly upgrade your look by adding warmth and depth to your space. Here at TLB, we have a range of options to help you incorporate metallics into your home living. For starters, we have our signature range of metallic dipped ceramics. These bespoke ceramics come in a choice of black, green, pink or grey with either a gold or copper accent, the perfect choice to style up your indoor jungle whilst giving a subtle nod to this design trend. To perfectly complement the pots, we also have a range of metallic accessories; available in both copper and antique gold to tone in with your chosen pot. We have a watering can and a plant mister, where style and function blend seamlessly.

To take this trend up another notch, have a look at our range of copper plant pots. Choose between the copper house with stand, the copper trio succulent house and the copper bullet stand. These oh-so-chic copper pots will add an abundance of warmth and style to your interior and your favourite green foliage will really pop against the copper sheen, simply stunning.

And for the ultimate piece de resistance in the copper style stakes, you just can’t beat our fabulous plant stand table. This contemporary piece combines luxurious copper with rustic mango wood and is the perfect solution to turn your green beauties into an enviable style feature.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about our non-living range here at The Little Botanical and maybe we’ve given you some style inspiration to help you add home botanical homewares, elevate your interior style or give your favourite plant a fresh new look. If you have any questions about our homewares range do get in touch at [email protected]. Until next time plant people!

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