British Begonia Bundle


Bright and beautiful. These six x 1L Begonias will add a burst of bright colour to your garden or patio.

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If you are looking for instant colour to add to your garden, these beautiful bright Begonias arrive as a mix of colours and will look stunning in your Summer garden.  Support British growers by adding this bundle to your garden and enjoy the colourful display! The Begonia is a steady and dependable plant which produces long-lasting bright blooms.

Begonias have a tropical origin so are ideal for planting out in the Summer months. Perfect for adding colour to a shady garden space. With their variety of colours, these are a stunning addition to your garden

These beautiful bright plants will arrive in bloom and are guaranteed to transform your outdoor space.

When planting on, select a shady spot or a space that gets filtered sunlight and they will perform well. Note: plant in a spot with good air circulation to prevent mildew.

Adding a bit of colour to your garden couldn’t be easier with this bundle of six Begonias from The Little Botanical Gardening range.

Once unpacked, pop the plants outdoors and ensure they are watered. Enjoy the colourful blooms, these gorgeous bright Begonias will immediately add colour to your outdoor space.

Additional information

Estimated Plant Height (CM)

25- 35cm

Internal Pot Diameter (CM)


Pot Height (CM)



Wax Begonia, Annual Begonia, Bedding Begonia, Tuberous Begonia, Cane Begonia, Angel Wing Begonia, Rhizomatous Begonia, Rex Begonia



Plant Care

Begonias should be kept at temperature between 16-24 degrees and will be happy outdoors in the Summer months. The plants need to be kept moist and should be feed every few weeks in the Summer.

Dead head any browning flowers to encourage new growth. When planting out, ensure they are planted in a shady spot so the blooms don’t scorch and the area should have good air circulation.


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These six beautiful begonias will display a burst of colour. Add them to your garden to make you smile when you look outdoors.