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How to bring the outside in with your interior design scheme

Written by Guest Author: MissPrint.

Leading British design studio, MissPrint is here to talk about bringing the outdoors in through interiors. Renowned for their unique, beautifully bold collection of eco wallpaper, each design from MissPrint is illustrated by hand and printed in the UK to capture their signature style and identity. This guest blog by the fab design experts MissPrint shows you how to bring the outside in with your interior design scheme.

Last year saw an increase in Biophillic Design – the concept of connecting design with nature. This, paired with a heightened awareness for the world around us, has led many homeowners to look at ways they can incorporate this emerging interior design trend within the home

Play around with Plants

Houseplants are a great way to introduce nature into your interior design scheme. With so many different plant species available, each with their own distinct qualities, you can create a truly unique space.

Plants are an ideal choice for consumers living in flats, or without access to an outdoor space who want to get closer to nature. Introducing houseplants allow you to bring the outside in – with a green space that not only looks good but also makes you feel good.

For homeowners looking to create their own personal jungle, we would recommend taking a look at The Little Botanical. With a diverse range of plants in a variety of sizes – from dynamic large houseplants like Fiddle Leaf Figs to smaller more compact succulents and cacti; there is a plant to suit any interior scheme.

Create an Impact with Wall Coverings

If real plants aren’t your thing, why not invest in a botanical inspired wallpaper design? A great way to create a visual statement in the home, nature-inspired wallpaper allows you to capture the intricate shapes, colours seen in nature without bringing any living species inside.

Wallpaper allows you to get creative with your interior scheme, instead of wallpapering the whole room, there is the option to create a feature wall – or even to take a wallpaper sample and frame it as art; which can be effective when dealing with a domineering print. An ideal way to add interest to the space, by incorporating intricate patterns and delicate line work into a space you can create texture and add depth.

At MissPrint, we have a range of beautifully bold designs – from bright shades to monochrome tones; our extensive collection offers something for all. Taking our inspiration from the world around us, we have collections based on coral, dandelions, and mountains alongside other natural elements.

Experiment with rich paint shades that imitate elements of nature. With rich terracotta that resembles raw clay, to strong dark greens that take inspiration from the forest  – by taking inspiration from your favourite aspects of the outside, you can bring this inside through your choice of colour palette.

Always Remember to Accessorise

Accessories can be a great way to introduce the outdoors inside; soft furnishings including cushions and curtains can really help to finish of a space, whilst adding interest and colour. Similarly with wallpaper, you can often find textiles with bold statement designs that resemble aspects of nature.

Flowers & flowering plants are another way to bring the outside in, more of a temporary fix but a pop of colour can really brighten up a space. Requiring regular maintenance, flowers and flowering plants aren’t quite as long lasting as green houseplants or mini succulents, so just make sure to enjoy them whilst they last.  For a more permanent fix, look for dried flower bunches that require no water and will last indefinitely or go green with our favourite plant gang from The Little Botanical, Air Purifying Bundle. We have loved writing this post and showing you how to pair these beautiful houseplants by The Little Botanical with your interiors. There couldn’t be a better time to create an oasis of calm in your home.

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