Give Your Loved One a Gift That Grows

As January is drawing to a close, our heads here at The Little Botanical are filled with thoughts of luurrrve. February is just around the corner and with that comes Valentine’s Day, a perfect opportunity to show our loved ones how much we care. Or perhaps even hint to someone special that they have a secret admirer. Of course, as time moves on, Valentine’s Day has become about more than just romantic love. It’s a fabulous opportunity to show anyone we love, whether romantically or platonically, how much they mean to us. And what better way to do this than with a stunning Valentine’s Day houseplant?

Traditionally we might demonstrate our love by gifting a bunch of fresh-cut flowers and a box of yummy chocolates. But this year, we think it’s time to do things differently. Why not send your loved one a more original, greener gift? Something that will keep on growing long after a bunch of flowers has wilted and chocolates have been eaten. Why not send that special person in your life a gift that grows, a gift that will flourish and thrive with care and attention – just like your relationship! Your lucky Valentine can pop their gorgeous greenery on a shelf and admire it for weeks and months to come; all the while remembering the lovely person who gifted it to them!

Here at The Little Botanical, we have curated a fab little range of Valentine’s Day Houseplants. Take a look at our suggestions below, you’re sure to find the perfect green beauty to show that special someone just how much you care.

Our Valentine’s Day Houseplant Heroes

There are so many gorgeous houseplants to choose from for the plant lovers in your life. But, there are some that just scream love and we don’t want you to miss them.

Our first recommendation is the very aptly named gift of love. This fabulous little duo pairs a stunning jungle orchid & parlour palm with an oh-so-cute Hoya Heart succulent. Orchids are a wonderful choice for a growing Valentine’s Day gift. Not only do they have a timeless elegance, but throughout history, all over the world, they have represented love and friendship. In China, they see these stunning plants as symbols of friendship and elegance. Whilst in Ancient Greece, they represent male fertility. And the Victorians loved gifting orchids, believing that the rarer and more exotic the orchid, the deeper your love for the recipient!

If you love the idea of gifting that special someone an orchid by itself rather than this little plant gang, we have a fab range for you to choose from. And if you’re inspired by the approach of the Victorians, check out this stylish, multi-stemmed stunner in our beautiful marble pot. Or perhaps this Mini Orchid Duo is the gift for you; a beautiful set of two brightly coloured, mini orchids in timeless concrete pots; a perfect little pair, just like you and your Valentine!

We’re All Heart

We’ve gone big on the heart vibes for our Valentine’s selection. If you can’t go big on hearts for Valentine’s Day when can you? So, on that theme, the super cute Hoya Kerrii Heart from the Gift of Love bundle mentioned above is also available on its own. For obvious reasons, this little guy is ever so popular at this time of year and we can’t think of a more perfect Valentine’s gift than this cute, novelty heart-shaped leaf. Available in a choice of our super stylish gold or copper accented pots, he is sure to bring a big smile as well as an abundance of style to your loved one.

If you really want to maximise the romantic feel with these cute hearts, also take a look at Double Hoya Kerrii Heart, all the style, double the love. Or our fabulous Bundle of Hearts; not one, not two but five of these heart-shaped cuties to really inspire that loving feeling.

Our next pick is the beautiful, trailing String of Hearts. Sometimes known by its botanical name of Ceropegia Woodii, we just love this plant at any time of year but it is a particularly perfect Valentine’s day houseplant gift. This gorgeous plant has an abundance of pinky-purple, trailing vines covered in beautiful, heart-shaped leaves of dappled green, hence the string of hearts moniker. They really are gorgeous to behold. Potted in our copper-accented pink or grey bespoke ceramics, they will bring a stylish look of love to your loved one’s interiors.

A Succa for Succulents

In some cultures, succulents are regarded as a symbol of persistent and long-lasting love thanks to their longevity. It’s no surprise then, that a range of these fabulously striking, low-maintenance green beauties have made it to our list of super plants for Valentine’s Day houseplant gifts. Our first succulent inspired pick is this stunning bundle. Show someone special some green love with this combo of one of our favourite tropical beauties, the Calathea, with two cute little succulents. The elegant, stripy leaved Calathea is planted in our neutral almond stoneware and is complemented perfectly by the striking succulents in our bespoke soft pink and copper ceramics. Stylish jungle vibes at their very best – we’re sure your loved one will be suitably wowed.

Perhaps the special person in your life is new to plants, or they love plants but don’t have a lot of time to devote to caring for them. If that sounds like your loved one, then succulents could be right up their street, take a peek at our Succulent Plant Gang. These three gorgeous succulents are the ultimate in easy-care, indoor plant style, arriving at your door, ready to go, in your choice of our signature black and gold or green and gold pots. With green style made this easy, your loved one will soon be a succa for you this Valentine’s Day!

Gorgeous Gift Sets for your Valentine

Are you looking to take your Valentine’s gifting up a notch this year with something extra special for your loved one? Our carefully put together gift sets could be just what you’re looking for. We have paired some of our most-loved houseplants with a range of our super stylish and useful accessories for beautiful gifts that are sure to make their recipients swoon. Read on to discover our top picks for Valentine’s Day plant gift set ideas.

First up is our Succulent Duo and Coaster Bundle which combines a gorgeous pair of oh-so-cute succulents in metallic-dipped ceramics with a set of four mango wood coasters. Our coasters are made from sustainable mango wood and are the perfect size to sit underneath our signature metallic accented pots. The gorgeous, golden brown colour not only looks beautiful underneath your botanicals but also protects your surfaces.

Here it is again, this gift set features one of our favourite plant picks for Valentine’s Day; the Hoya Kerrii Heart, this time the double heart in our gorgeous grey and copper ceramic, paired with our oh so stylish mini watering can. In a gorgeous copper hue, this watering can is way too beautiful to hide in a cupboard and sits perfectly on display alongside our matching copper accented bespoke pot. What a gorgeous way to bring effortless, green style into your home – a perfect gift for your stylish plant lover.

A Hand Written Message for your Valentine’s Day houseplant

Do you have visions of your thoughtfully chosen green beauties arriving at their recipient’s door, ready for them to excitedly unwrap their Valentine’s day houseplant? Breathe easy, this can all be arranged. During the checkout process on our website, simply provide the recipient’s delivery address and complete the gift message section. We will handwrite your words onto one of our bespoke Little Botanical postcards and the postman will do the rest. Your lucky Valentine will know exactly who’s sent them a gorgeously green living gift… or if you want to remain anonymous, secret admirer style, we’ve got you covered then too!

Valentine’s Day Gift Vouchers

We get it, sometimes there really is too much choice and it’s just impossible to decide which of these green beauties will most please the plant person in your life. Maybe they’re so picky you just know they’ll be happier taking the time to choose for themselves. The good news is, we sell gift vouchers so you can give the gift of green while still giving them the freedom to choose for themselves, win-win.

So, there we have it, your one-stop guide to the best Valentine’s Day houseplant gift ideas for those special people in your life. If you need any more help deciding on the best green gift for your special someone, we’d love to help, please do get in touch at [email protected]. And once your gift is in its new home, we’d love to see it, share the love on our insta; @thelittlebotanical. Until next time lovely plant people.

Lots of love,

Team TLB xx