In The Little Botanical team this week, we have been in Father’s Day planning mode. From looking at plant gangs to creating Father’s Day specific gift tags for our plants. Of course, we have also been ensuring we have the correct volumes of plants in stock so you lovely lot all have the chance to add a Little Father’s Day Foliage to your shopping list just in time for Sunday the 16th of June.  

This has also brought about some lovely chats about our own dads.  Nicola remembers at the age of 10 being aghast as she opened a drawer full of unopened aftershave gifts. Morag remembers diligently saving her pocket money to buy her dad a squash ball and a chocolate Bounty bar.  Louisa tells us a lovely story of a painting a pebble that he still uses as a doorstop in his man cave. Trista remembers her dad as the gift giver, he was the one who dressed up as Santa Claus for the nursery every year. Greg, our MD and also a dad of 3, seems to get an awful lot of socks!

This led to lots of laughs, trips down memory lane and made us think about the perfect Father’s Day gift.  So to make life easy for you guys, we’ve put our heads together. We have picked out some of our best, most distinguished, stylishly handsome and gorgeously green Little Botanical beauties, so you can give your Dad something just a bit different (and it won’t even get stockpiled in a bedroom drawer). 

Countertop with a large spiky sansevieria in a rounded concrete pot, and a medium sansevieria in a straight grey pot, with a teacup in front of both.

First up, we have the team of Super Hero Sansevierias.  Rugged, hardy, fabulous to look at and with air-purifying qualities. Even NASA has put these gorgeous greenies through their paces. Your Dad can sleep easy while they do their work, cleaning the air.  They’re the perfect plants for the bedroom. 

The Thor of our Sansevierias is the Large Spikey who comes in around 50cm tall.  This grand fella will make a big statement wherever he’s put.  He’s distinguished and his spikey leaves are a thing of architectural beauty.  He has a smaller brother at around 35cm tall, who is equally as robust and clever.  With a couple of these guys, you’ve got your Dad a selection of handsome brutes – easy to care for, slow-growing beasts he can be proud to call his own.

If you think your Dad would enjoy celebrating his relationship with his Mother-in-Law (he could channel Prince Charles and have a “chat” with it every now and then), then why not pick him up a Sansevieria Snakey.  This plant is more commonly known as Mother-in-law’s tongue or Snake Plant, due to the pattern of their leaves. These slippery tongued plants are also celebrated for their oxygen giving benefits at night. They create an inviting atmosphere to sleep in (or to pretend to sleep whenever your Mother-in-law is around).  They don’t require much water and can happily live in areas of low light. If you sit them in a well-lit spot, be ready for new shoots to grow beyond a height of 60cm!  Be careful to not give this plant too much to drink as they don’t like to sit in water. Also keep them away from any nibbling pets!   

Side table with the following items on it: a happy father's day card, yellow coffee mug and saucer, sansevieria punk in a copper dipped pot and a medium sansevieria in a straight grey pot.

Of all the sansevierias, finally we have our pure pot of joy in a Sansevieria Fernwod Punk – they’re a real love of the team at TLB and it’s obvious why. This little dreamboat is in our opinion just the cutest of the Sansevieria range and would be perfect atop your Dad’s desk or next to his favourite armchair. These little lovelies grow well with the right care and if treated with the level of respect they deserve, new shoots can reach 25-30cm. He’s really a mini hybrid of his taller cousins, Spikey and Snakey, but he’s a charmer and such a great plant that never fails to make everyone smile.

Ficus Ginseng in grey pot on glass table next to a leather bound notebook with a pen and a framed picture of New York in the background.

If your Dad loves something with a bit more maturity, why not surprise him with a fabulous Ficus Ginseng.  These incredible, elegant little trees are easy on the eye, easy to care for (unlike their Bonsai friends) and the perfect green accompaniment to any home.  This is truly bringing the outside inside and we launched them last year specifically for Father’s Day. 

Dads famously aren’t immune to the loveliness of a gorgeous green goddess, however, as much as your Mum says she likes Marvel, we doubt she’s going to be happy with you bringing a life-sized model of She-Hulk or Enchantress into the house and blocking her view of the TV.  The green goddesses we’re talking about are much more family-friendly and more likely to safely sit alongside a cup of coffee. This leaves you to relax, safe in the knowledge that everyone’s going to be happy with green this Father’s Day.