Happy New Year from Team TLB. It’s a tricky start to 2021 for all of us but in The Little Botanical Team we are focusing on enjoying the little things that make us smile. We thought we’d share with you our 5 Top Tips for beating those January blues.

Refresh your desk space

Tidy up the area where you work and upgrade your home office space in a few easy steps. We think by simply adding a wall hanger, an art print and plant gang to your desk or table you’ll instantly create a new bright WFH space no matter which corner of your home you are in. It couldn’t be simpler!

We are in love the wall hangers from @Cotton Clara. Obviously, a favourite is the Plant Lady wall hanger but the Hope wall hanger is pretty special too. And the best thing about these hangers is that you embroider them yourself (everything you need is included in the kit – Yay!).

With a new art print on the wall and a Little Botanical plant gang, your desk has had an upgrade and you have refreshed the home office.  Plants not only look good, but did you know having plants on our desks can also boost levels of productivity during the day. Some of our favourite plant gangs that will keep you company during your working day are the Desk Buddy Plant Gang or the Air Purifying Bundle.

If you are still in need of some inspo to refresh your office space, go check out the fab WFH space of the influencers; @homewithkelsey, @no_3_edwardiantownhouse and @grillodesigns (left to right below). Don’t forget to follow them for lots of house inspo on Instagram.

Get the same look by adding these fabulous green beauties to your desk.

Golden Pothos AKA Devils Ivy, she’s a trailing green goddess and is also known to remove toxins from the air. Fiddle Leaf Fig, a stunning large leafy beauty and suitably stylish for your desk upgrade or the trusty Sansevieria Snake plant; this plant is believed to reduce anxiety, improve respiratory problems and even cure the symptoms of a headache. Last but not least, a gang of easy-care succulents are the ideal shape and size for a desk. Our team absolutely love the Succulent Plant Gang. The perfect set of 3 plants in our matching pots and they’re guaranteed to make a fab green addition to your working space.

Bring the Outdoors in to purify the air in your home

No matter the weather we love to get outdoors for our daily exercise; going for a walk and breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the view and clearing your head just make us feel better.

Did you know there are also huge benefits to bringing the outside in and creating a green corner in your home.  Going green can really benefit your general wellbeing. Why not transform your home into a green oasis for 2021. It is super easy to do with our gorgeous range of Large and XL houseplants.  Check out our Large Yucca in Belly Basket or XL Areca Palm in Belly Basket. Adding a big beauty to your home is an easy way to create the oh so popular urban jungle look and is a great way to improve the air quality in your home too.

Add some air-purifying greenery to your home like the Ficus Elastica AKA Rubber plant. He is great at removing harmful toxins, particularly formaldehyde, and these plants become more efficient at cleaning the air as time goes on.  

Peace Lilies are also believed to improve air quality by as much as 60 per cent and true to their name, bring with them a sense of peace and relaxation. This pretty and powerful houseplant is a master of air pollutant removal – working hard to absorb ammonia, benzene, xylene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene throughout your home.

Snake plants not only look fab with their gorgeous spikey leaves, but they also remove all sorts of toxins from the air including trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene and xylene. To optimize this green guy’s air purifying power throughout your entire home, you will likely need more than one plant though!

De-clutter your home

Now the Christmas tree is down, and those decorations are all tidied away do you have an empty space crying out for an upgrade?  Why not take the opportunity to get rid of other nick-nacks and things you don’t use every day; the New year is the best time to tidy up that corner or clear out a shelf.  Create the perfect blank canvas to refresh a new area in your home and create your very ow n oasis of calm.  Clear house, clear mind…right!?  Choose wisely to create this perfect space, take a peek at our Little Botanical Plant Shelfie Bundle, with a couple of ornaments that you probably already have dotted around your home, and there you’ve created the most gorgeous shelfie. Instagram and Pintrest is full of plant shelfie inpso. Why not follow the hashtag #plantshelfie for some more ideas.

For the space that your tree left, check out our Large and XL plants in Belly Baskets and Ceramics. You will not regret adding a green giant to your jungle. Big plants are easier to look after and long lasting too. The perfect green upgrade for the New Year. Not only will new plants give your home a completely fresh and bright vibe for the New Year, they will also continue to bring that much needed pop of green into your living space throughout the year.  We have had so much feedback from you lot about how your plants “got you through 2020” and it is well known they are natural mood boosters. Even the act of caring for them and watering them is good for your mental health not to mention the air-purifying qualities of having gorgeous greenery in your home has.

Plan in some “me- time”

It is so important to look after yourself so make sure you take the time to do just that. Run a hot bath, surround yourself with the things you love and have some well-earned “me-time”. We love the wooden bath boards or little wooden stools that can be positioned beside the bath to place things on. Have a soak, watch your favourite Netflix series and enjoy the greenery surrounding you while you relax. We have the most fabulous range of plants that love the humidity of a bathroom. Perfect to help you create a zen spa-like space. The Bathroom Plant Bundle is the most amazing collection of greenery that will work just perfectly in this space.

Bathrooms love trailing plants like the Tradescantia Zebrina which brings a gorgeous colour to the room too or add a green leafy beauty like our Monstera Deliciosa. Both these plants love the humidity in a bathroom and by adding a pop of green to a white bathroom you will bring new life and brightness to the room.

Send some love

At the beginning of 2021, we need each other more than ever. We miss our friends and family so let them know you care and make the call, take the time to get in touch, write a letter or even send them a little plant parcel (and we’ll handwrite the note for you).  Tell someone you love them today with a little green package and spread some love. 

Have a look at our best-selling Gift of Love or our gorgeous selection of succulents. We’ll deliver greenery direct to their door with a personal message hand-written on our cute postcards.

We all know someone who needs a virtual hug right now. 

Happy New year from all of us at Team TLB. xx