The Mango Wood Collection

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Mango wood is a sustainable wood that is sourced from mango trees – that’s right, the same one that provides tasty fruit. They are native to South and South-East Asia, with the highest concentration in India. Mango wood is a popular material as it is very hard-wearing and water resistant. We love it with our houseplants as it works with many of our other materials and products, including copper featured in our copper collection as well as all of our beautiful greenery.

Once mango trees have become too tall to harvest the fruit from, they can then be used for wood. The trees are cut down, turned into homewares and new trees are planted for more fruit and the cycle begins again. This means the farmer has two ways to generate income – it is a win-win situation!

Like other types of wood, our mango wood will mature and change colour with age. It may commonly start as golden brown with shades of yellow or pink streaks, but this may vary. We love how unique it can be and how two products are never exactly the same.

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