Here in Team TLB, we just love this time of year. From decorating our homes, to walking the local illuminated light trails, making wreaths, and cosying up on the sofa with our favourite Christmas film; we are big fans of all things Christmassy and love to embrace all the Christmas cheer.

We also blooming loving shopping for Christmas gifts for friends and family. However, with the December juggle, it can be hard to find as much time as you’d like to peruse the internet and high street shops for the perfect gift.

That’s why, this week, we’ve asked our team to bring you their top choices for Christmas gifts from our curated range of gorgeous houseplants and homewares, for all the special people in our lives. Read on for plenty of gift ideas.

Festive inspiration is incoming, so get ready to tick some names off your list!

Meet the Team

Our team of green have collated their top gifting ideas to help you lovely plant people make a dent in your gift buying, but who are they?

First off, there’s Morag, our co-founder. Morag is definitely our resident plant expert and the (joint) brains behind the beloved TLB brand. A busy mum of 3 with a long to-do list, she recommends the trailing Peperomia Rotundifolia, as a go-to plant gift. A gorgeous, easy-care, trailing beauty potted in a Little Botanical ceramic. She suggests gifting this and for an extra special touch, adding a personal message with our pot personalisation service.

Emma, our Marketing Manager, has a favourite green beauty, which is the hard-leaved tropical beauty Sansevieria Snakey. Emma says he makes it to the very top of her list because she loves his ‘long, slender, upright leaves, standing proud like he’s protecting the hallway’.

Next in the team line-up is our Operations Manager, Trista. Our ever-popular Miranda succulent is Trista’s favourite plant pick. With their lovely robust leaves, they’re as easy to love as they are to look after. And with their gold-tipped makeover for the festive season, Trista thinks they’re a perfect choice to make her home ‘very Christmassy indeed’!

Jess from Customer Services can’t get enough of the Mini Christmas Tree with Lights from our Christmas range because the cute twinkly lights just ‘scream Christmas’!

Louisa from Customer Services just loves the Euphrates Watering Can & Calathea Set, there’s no excuse not to water the plant with this stunning gift set and the can is so stylish too. And, Nicola from New Product Development loves a big statement plant to brighten up a dull corner. She can’t choose between the elegant Areca Palm and the vibrant Lemon and Lime Dracaena – we agree, it’s a tough choice, they’re both beauties.

Gifts for Mum

Sending gifts of appreciation at this time of year is what it’s all about. So, we’ve asked the team what they would choose to make sure their mum has a beautiful botanical surprise to open on Christmas morning. You’ll be spoilt for choice once you’ve read their ideas.

Morag recommends the Christmas Table Succulent Plant Gang. Her mum will love adding these little sparkly succulents to the Christmas table. This collection of five gold-tipped Miranda succulents styled in our green and gold bespoke ceramics really is the perfect way to bring some festive cheer.

Emma would treat her lucky mum to the Back to Black Candle Gift Set as she knows her mum would love the stylish, black reactive glaze ceramics and the gorgeous, aromatic scent of the Pomegranate & Berry candle.

Jess’s choice for her mum is the Christmas Trio Succulent House. Jess is sure her lucky mumma would love this trio of copper-tipped Miranda succulents because they are so different and will add a little colour and sparkle to her home. Louisa’s go-to gift choice for her mum would be the Christmas Shelfie Bundle as she loves placing little plants on her kitchen windowsill.

For Trista, the perfect Christmas gift for her mum would be a Small Red Poinsettia because she loves a flowering plant, and these look beautiful on the Christmas table.

Gifts for Your Bestie

With gift sets galore to choose from in the TLB range, you’re sure to find something for the ever-important BFF in your life. Here’s a rundown of what Team TLB would choose to give you some much-needed gifting inspo.

To give your best friend a real treat this Christmas, Emma recommends pairing a unique Haworthia succulent with a bar of the incredible ARTHOUSE Unlimited chocolate. And why not personalise the plant pot to make it extra special?

Morag’s top pick for her besties would be our all-new Forever Green Candle Gift Set. Botanicals and gorgeous scents make a beautiful gift and this stunning set pairs a gorgeous, easy-care Miranda succulent with our exotic and uplifting Wild Fig & Ginger candle.

Morag also loves the Succulent Duo & Coaster bundle for a friend, personalise one of the pots to make it an extra thoughtful gift!

We absolutely love this next choice from Trista; she would gift her best friend the utterly unique and cool Coconapple in a Macramé plant hanger. This is a fairly new addition to the TLB range and we just love it. Really, what’s not to love about a pineapple plant potted in a coconut husk?

Jess’s gift choice for her best friend is the oh-so-gorgeous Satin Pothos as her bestie loves a trailing beauty. She would adore the variegated silver hues of this beautiful botanical, making a lovely change from the usual green. And for Nicola, her bestie would be treated to our plants that can be personalised because, as she says, you can’t beat a personalised present to really shout that you’ve thought about them!

Gifts for Your Sister/Sister-in-Law

We asked them for some gift inspiration to help those of you who also want to show some sisterly love this holiday season.

Succulents feature heavily as ideas here and it’s easy to see why. There are so many distinct shapes and sizes to choose from and they’re so easy to look after too. Styled in a fab range of our bespoke ceramics, they really do make a gorgeous gift for your lucky sibling.

Morag would choose the Succulent Plant Gang in our all-new grey, reactive glaze pot for a simply stunning addition to her sister-in-law’s home that will perfectly complement her interior style.

Trista recommends the Marble Trio Succulent House because the plants are super easy to look after and the marble effect on the pots brings an oh-so-stylish edge to any home.

Moving away from succulents, Jess would choose her lucky sister a Jungle Orchid as she’s sure she would adore this bright, flowering plant bringing a fab pop of colour to her home. And when the orchid stops flowering, she’ll still have a gorgeous green Chamaedorea to enjoy.

Are you a yes to a self-gift?

In all the happy chaos of preparing for Christmas and choosing the perfect gifts for friends and family, it’s easy to forget about ourselves. But here at The Little Botanical, we think it’s really important to treat yourself every now and then too. Styling your home with festive greenery is the perfect reason to grab yourself a little treat, right? With so much festive foliage on offer, we’re here to give you a little inspiration to bring yourself some festive cheer. Go on, show yourself some green love!

The Red Poinsettia and Succulent Plant Gang tops Morag’s list for a fab festive plant gang to bring a pop of red to a corner of your home. The gold tips of the Miranda succulents add just the right amount of sparkle.

For Trista, it’s the Mini Christmas Tree & Succulent Gang that fills her with Christmas joy. She just loves the way this gorgeous bundle effortlessly up-styles her Christmas tablescape.

Nicola has chosen the ultimate in indoor greenery for her self-treat with our Baby Blue Christmas Tree in our signature cotton and seagrass belly basket. This living tree is such a gorgeous colour and oh-so stylish too. Just add a couple of decorations and you’re all set for Christmas!

Our team’s final pick is the newly launched Candle Gift Sets. A luxury candle paired with a Little Botanical in matching pots. These sets really do make the perfect gift or self-gift.

So, there you have it, Christmas gift ideas as brought to you by Team TLB. We hope the team has managed to help you tick some names off your list. We’re sure that come Christmas Day you’re going to have some very happy friends and relatives with our top picks.

With love,

Team TLB xx