We love doing collaborations and are a little excited to tell you all about what is going on this month. We have collaborated with Ketel One Vodka and have absolutely loved creating the most fabulous plant installation at the insta-famous Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings. 

For the whole of November, there will be a Ketel One Espresso Martini Garden in B&H Buildings to showcase the different ways you can reuse and recycle coffee grounds. The coffee used from Ketel One Espresso Martinis at B&H Buildings will be turned into compost for this indoor garden. We are delighted to say that this indoor garden has been provided by us at The Little Botanical. 

B&H buildings indoor pop-up sustainable espresso martini garden

A more sustainable life

The aim of this pop-up is to spark discussions and raise awareness about the different ways we can all be more sustainable. We were stunned to hear that every year 500,000 tonnes of spent coffee get sent to landfill. Imagine if everyone instead put those used coffee grounds on their compost? There are other ways they can be used too. During this collaboration, any coffee grounds not used for the indoor garden’s compost will instead be donated to UpCircle. This is a 100% natural, cruelty-free and organic skincare brand. They have a range of beauty products created with repurposed coffee grounds that are collected from London cafes. 

Ketel One is passionate about the environment, mainly powering their distillery through clean energy. They do this through a traditional style windmill that stores the heat from the distilling process and uses this to heat the building. 

The bar has just opened this week and for the first week of the Ketel One Espresso Martini bar, each customer who buys two classic Espresso Martinis will be given a free Ketel One Vodka Keep Cup (subject to availability of course – so be quick!).

If you want to find out more about what you could do to be more sustainable at home, then you could take part in one of the masterclasses taking place at the mini garden. There will be two of these and will see gardener, farmer and sustainability expert Julius Roberts share tips and tricks on living a more sustainable life. As an added bonus, Ketel One Brand Ambassador Kate Jackson will be showing you how to create the perfect Ketel One Espresso Martini at home. Just in time for any Christmas parties you have coming up! The ticket price for these includes two cocktails and one of our very own Alocasia Polly plants in our signature grey and copper pot.

What’s on the menu?

To celebrate the collaboration, Ketel One has really delivered with a carefully curated cocktail menu. The Espresso Martini is an iconic cocktail and the variations available include a Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini and Nutty Espresso Martini. Delicious, warming and slightly festive for this time of year. If you are trying to cut down on the caffeine then no fear, decaf options are provided! 

Urban oasis

We have worked with B&H Buildings on a bit of a dream brief for us. Their building is already beautiful and incredibly photogenic, but we have helped them to turn it into a spectacular urban oasis. The finished result is the ultimate plant jungle! 

All the houseplants used have been pre-fed a spent coffee grounds “tea”. You can see all these green beauties in abundance at the bar. There are trailing plants hanging down from rustic wooden ladders, our succulents are spread across the tables and we have helped to make the plants part of the very fabric of the building. They’re not simply decoration, but feel part of the structure. As readers of our blog will know, we are passionate about bringing the outside in, and this was the perfect opportunity to do that.

Should you wish to find out more about how you can be more sustainable, or simply have a delicious cocktail, then make sure you head to B&H Buildings. Don’t forget it is a pop-up so you have until the end of November!