As the nights are drawing in, the temperature is cool and crisp and the leaves on the trees are treating us to a stunning display of colour, we’re certainly getting all the autumn feels.

It’s that time of year when we just love to turn our homes into a cosy cocoon, creating a space where we can snuggle on the sofa with a hot chocolate and a good book. It’s so easy to transform your home into an autumnal haven with a few statement accessories and a selection of carefully curated houseplants and succulents!

This week we’re bringing you our top houseplant style tips as well as a handy checklist for keeping your green beauties happy and thriving during this seasonal transition. So, read on for all the houseplant inspo and enjoy bringing the outdoors in.

Our top autumn home style tips

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite autumn decorations to help you spruce up your home this season. Why not follow our style tips and create your very own autumn retreat, perfect for hibernating from the chilly days and nights.

Create a snuggle corner

We love the idea of creating an area to snuggle up, read a good book and maybe enjoy a glass of wine or hot chocolate. Choose somewhere comfortable to sit, a favourite armchair or bean bag is ideal, and create a special haven where you can relax and enjoy. Throw down a cushion or two and drape a colourful blanket over for when it gets really chilly. You’ll also want to find something to place your drink or snacks on. That way, you won’t even need to get up! Our Plant Table is the perfect accessory to perch your drink among some gorgeous greenery.

Cosy up your sofa this autumn

Making your sofa as comfortable as possible is the best way to make use of your space this season – perfect to embrace those autumn evenings. For an instant style refresh, add a throw to cosy up your sofa. We love the range of throws available at the Secret Linen Store. From quilted to knitted, and available in a range of gorgeous autumnal hues, you’re sure to find one to make you feel all snuggly this season. We love their quilted throw in darkest spruce and the waffle throw in mustard yellow. Whichever you choose, all of the throws are lovingly crafted and just perfect for keeping you stylishly snug on a chilly evening. Don’t forget to pop on your softest, cosiest PJs before settling down with your favourite film. Pure bliss!

Go crazy with scatter cushions

We love scatter cushions! Nothing sets an autumnal scene better. They’re also a great way to accommodate guests, which is super handy if your home lacks space.

Grab a few scatter cushions in your favourite colour and pop them on the sofa in your living room. Orange, brown, burnt reds and teals are the perfect autumn shades, but you can opt for anything that suits your living space. We particularly love the gorgeous cushions from Rhoom. In a variety of shades, they’re a great way to refresh your home this season. The rich teal Eden cushion and burnt orange rectangular cushion complement each other so well and are just as comfy as they are stylish.

Accessorise with reactive glazed pots

The newest addition to our TLB family is our range of gorgeous glazed pots. Bringing plenty of style, these pots are available in a range of colours; grey, black and green, to perfectly complement an autumn refresh. Each pot is entirely unique thanks to the reactive glaze finish which creates variegated colouring, bringing you a one-of-a-kind style this season.

These stunning pots are available with a choice of our gorgeous greenery, including the distinctive Haworthia, the textured Crassula and the spiky Miranda, perfect, small plants to green up your interior. Alternatively, you can buy these glazed beauties on their own and use them as pen pots, toothbrush holders or even gin glasses… ok, maybe not gin glasses!

Add autumn style by incorporating metallics

An easy way to style your home this autumn is by introducing metallics. Copper and gold are this season’s colours of choice, and adding a pop of metallic colour will add natural warmth to a room.

With our selection of copper pots with living greenery, it couldn’t be easier to breathe new life into a space. One of our favourite autumn houseplants is our Succulent Trio House, which comes with three gorgeous succulents in a stylish black metal house. They’re fresh and chic – perfect for adding a striking feature to your home this autumn.

The Copper House Gang is another fabulous way to bring some green style with a metallic twist to your living space. We just love the look of the greenery against the copper pots – don’t they just scream ‘autumn’?!

Incorporate nature into your living space

Did you know that nature-inspired interiors are one of the most enduring style trends around? Check out our specially curated range of autumn indoor plants, for some of our favourite houseplants and succulents to inject an autumnal feel this season.

To go big on the nature-inspired theme, why not consider adding large plants to your indoor jungle. We just love the large Fiddle Leaf Fig, this big, tropical beauty with his distinctive shape and large, paddle-shaped leaves in deep green will make a real style statement in your home.

Accessorise with sustainable mango wood

Autumn is an excellent time to make the most of the gorgeous sustainable materials available. The copper and mango wood plant table from our homeware collection is the ideal solution to cosy up a corner. Made from sustainable mango wood, copper and black metal, this gorgeous plant table, styled with a plant or two, will effortlessly add some style to your interior space. You can also use it all year round by switching your chosen autumn indoor plants with summer-loving botanicals when the seasons change.

Our mango wood coasters are another gorgeous sustainable addition to style your home this autumn. We love them stacked on a coffee table alongside a decorative gin bottle. Gin bottles look too good to be put away in the cupboard, so why not style up a table with a plant, coasters and gin?

Using mango wood to make homewares means the wood can continue to be useful after the tree has become too tall to harvest. The mango farmers are able to plant new trees in place of the old ones. They can also receive additional income from the wood that they sell. Mango wood is incredibly hard-wearing and water-resistant, meaning you can rest assured it will continue to protect and last for years to come.

Add some warmth with neutrals

Our sustainable cotton macrame hangers and almond pots are the perfect way to hang your plants and uplift a space with neutral colours. Hanging plants are a great way to inject life into a space without taking up too much room.

Finish with colours and textures to add perfect style to your home this autumn

Adding textures and colours is the easiest way to refresh your home this autumn. Introducing patterned plants really will bring the outdoors into your room. The Calathea has gorgeous red and green leaves that blend seamlessly with an autumnal interior scheme. Or, for an authentic autumn look, we just love the leafy colours seen in our range of Crotons. These beauties really do provide the most perfect colour palettes to bring autumn into your home. From greens and yellows to reds and oranges, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

We also think this duo with the patterned Satin Pothos is a stunning addition to revive a space. The stunning marble pots complement the plants perfectly.

Check in on your existing houseplants

In all the excitement of cosying up your home for autumn with new accessories and houseplants, don’t forget to check in on the plants you already have in your indoor jungle. You should make sure they are tip-top and autumn-ready.

Here is our handy checklist of steps to follow at this time of year to keep your houseplants healthy as the season changes.

1. Check on your plants
A sudden drop in temperature can be stressful for your plants so check them over for signs of damage or distress. The sooner you spot the signs, the more time you’ll have to reverse them.

2. Give them one final feed

We strongly recommend not feeding your botanicals over the winter months. One last feed as we move into autumn is perfect to provide your plants with a last dose of nutrients and will keep them happy until spring.

3. Clear debris and check for bugs

Warm and cosy homes can attract some common household pests which leaves your plants at risk from irreversible damage. The most common pests to look out for are whitefly, spider mites and scale insects. If you’re concerned about pests, have a read of our blog; Houseplant Pests: What You Need to Know for a full rundown of how to spot and treat houseplant pests.

4. Consider moving them closer to a light source

We all know that the vast majority of houseplants need light to thrive. Given that there is naturally less daylight in the winter, your plants may benefit from being moved closer to a sunny windowsill during the darker months. This could be particularly beneficial for succulents and cacti which need plenty of warmth and light to thrive.

5. Reduce watering

Your plants will move into a dormant period during the autumn and winter and as such they don’t need as much water as they do in the spring and summer. As a rule of thumb, your houseplants will need a drink approximately once a fortnight, while succulents will only need a drink once every 4 to 6 weeks and cacti can be left without water until spring.

6. Be mindful of heating

As the weather turns colder and we’re thinking about switching our heating on to keep our homes cosy, remember to keep an eye on your houseplants. The increased heat could cause your plants to dry out quicker, particularly floor-standing plants on a heated floor or any green beauties near a radiator. Keep an eye on your plants and if they are drying out quickly remember to give them a good drink.

7. Rotate your plant

As we know, plants grow towards the light. At this time of year, when there is less daylight, it’s a great idea to rotate your plants weekly to encourage a nice, even shape.

8. Do a spot of preening

Give your plants a nice tidy-up by clearing any debris that may have fallen onto the top layer of soil. It’s also a good time to trim off any yellow or damaged leaves. This will allow the plant to direct all its nutrients to healthy growth.

9. Move them away from draughts and radiators

As we mentioned above, plants can find sudden temperature changes quite stressful. If you think any of your plants are too close to a radiator or draught, it’s a good idea to move them to a new position to protect them from constant changes in temperature as the heating goes on and off.

10. Dust your houseplants

Houseplants will accumulate a layer of dust over time and it’s important to remove this by wiping the leaves gently with a soft, damp cloth. Not only does this keep them looking better, but it also allows them to absorb more light and make food through photosynthesis.

We hope we’ve shown you just how easy autumn home styling and plant care can be. We’d love to see how you’ve transformed your living spaces this autumn, tag us on insta; @thelittlebotanical. And as ever, if you have any questions about any of the plants or products featured, please do get in touch; [email protected]. Happy styling plant people!

With love,

Team TLB xx