March is here, the sun is making an occasional, glorious appearance and the early spring flowers are beginning to bloom, which means spring has most definitely sprung. As we wave goodbye to the winter blues and prepare to welcome the spring sunshine, we think it’s the perfect time to breathe some new life into your interiors with a little refresh of your home décor.

Now, here at TLB, as you know, we’re huge advocates for using indoor plants to bring a fresh, new vibe to your space. And this week, we’re going one step further; we’ve taken a look at some of the top trends for spring 2022 and we’re going to show you how fabulously easy it is to bring houseplants into your interiors this season to create a fresh new look for your home that’s also bang on-trend.

On the left is a kitchen table with a number of plants on it. At the back of the room are shelves and cupboards. The shelves are adorned with a number of potted plants as well as books, misters and bottles.  On the right are two shelves of potted plants - the top contain cactuses and the bottom contains succulents. At the bottom of the image is a table with a copper light, grey and copped dipped pots and a large palm plant is seen at the right edge of the image.

Indulge your senses with organic textures and tones

It’s definitely fair to say that many of the trends this season are about creating calming, nurturing and productive spaces using organic textures and tones – is there anything more organic than a TLB houseplant?! A nod to the natural world is definitely trending right now, from colour schemes embracing greens and neutrals to accessories and homewares sourced from natural and sustainable materials.

Enter the TLB collection; take a look at our round-up of the key trends springing up this season, and our top tips for bringing them to life in your home, with our range of stunning indoor spring houseplants and homewares.

Three grey potted plants are shown on top of two books, inside a shelve. On the left is a plant spray bottle and some books and on the right is a copped mister and copper watering can.  On the right are two large potted plants in front of shelves and cupboards. A number of potted plants sit on the shelves.

Bring outdoor plants in…Shades of Green

Here at TLB, we’ve been fans of green, in its many and varied shades, for a very long time… you might like to think of us as trendsetters! Imagine our delight to learn that green is the up-and-coming colour for spring 2022. Bring it on! We can’t believe it’s taken so long for this wondrous colour to catch on. The colour green naturally makes us think of nature and nature inspires calm, tranquillity and productivity – that sounds like a nice place to live.

Lots of potted plants inside shelves, some of which also contain pictures or a reed diffuser.

There are of course lots of ways to introduce green into your interior, to get you on this trend, but, we’re sure you’ll agree that indoor plants have got to be the most perfect way to bring the outdoors in and tap into this organic trend.

Have a look at our gorgeous collection of ferns to bring those shades of green into your home. We love ferns because they’ll add that perfect pop of green along with an abundance of texture to really style up your space. We particularly love our Boston Fern with his fabulous feathery fronds – he is the easiest of the fern family to care for. Or, to really go big on the green vibes, the Fern Trio Plant Gang could be the one for you. This gang sees the Boston Fern buddied with the Blue Star Fern and the Asparagus Fern. In their charcoal and Almond stoneware, they’ll make a fab statement wherever you choose to style them.

On the left shows the hands of a person positioning potted plants. There is a shelf of grey and copper dipped plant pots containing four plants. Underneath there is a surface containing three larger potted plants.  On the right is a stripped wooden shelf, which has upon it a dark grey potted plant.  Underneath are two almond pots containing different ferns, on top of a wooden stool.

Keep it…Neutral

Continuing with the trend of bringing the outdoors in, pairing your pop of green with neutral shades is the perfect way to keep those feelings of calm flowing in your home. Here at TLB, all of our plants come perfectly styled in a variety of pots, stonewares, belly baskets and plant hangers, and our neutral pots will provide an instant update to a corner in need of a bit of love! Take your pick from our favourites; these green beauties are easy solutions to upgrade your chosen space and are guaranteed to elevate your interiors.

We just love our classic almond stoneware for bringing the neutral trend to life. Just look at how the vibrant green foliage of the Calathea Orbifolia and the distinctive patterns of the Alocasia take centre stage against the understated chic of this unglazed, textured stoneware.

On the left is a calathea plant in an almond pot.  On the right is an alocasia plant in a dark grey pot, sitting on a wooden shelf next to a coral and white shell, with some devil's ivy tendrils trailing down the top left corner. There is a round mirror in the top right of the image, which has a grey and copper dipped pot with a plant in it.

Alternatively, the hand-woven, macrame plant hangers are a fabulously retro reminder that neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. This Spider Plant in a Macrame hanger will instantly transform your interiors with a touch of retro chic.

On the left is a hanging macrame planter containing a dark grey potted spider plant, next to a sage green shiplap wall, with a cream lampshade on a stripped wooden base next to it.  On the right is a closer look of the hanging spider plant in a macrame hanger, in front of a picture that says 'Magnifique, Magnifique, Magnifique' in red writing on a pink background, sitting on a shelf and with further plants in the background.

Go bold with…Concrete

Concrete is a huge trend in the world of interiors, and it isn’t going anywhere fast. From flooring to fixtures, this material is popular thanks to its fab versatility and its ability to bring some serious style and intrigue to your surroundings. Incorporating concrete into your home interiors creates a real feature and you’ll be pleased to hear, you don’t have to invest in a new floor or change all of your fixtures and fittings in order to welcome this trend into your home. Our concrete pots are perfect for bringing a timeless charm to any space, especially when they arrive pre-filled with gorgeous greenery – you’ll know you’re onto a winner!

On the left are three grey potted plants in small, medium and large, sitting on a coffee table next to a grey sofa with turquoise and coral cushions.  On the right is a wooden clad wall with a bed on the right that has two almond potted plants on the bed head. A bedside table is in the middle with three grey potted plants, a cup of tea on coasters and a palm plant to the left of it.

We have some fab plant gangs available in these classically chic pots that will add some sophistication to your space, just in time for spring. Choose between the Urban Jungle Bundle, My Home Bundle and the Air Purifying Bundle. Or, for a real wow factor, check out the stunning Areca Palm, a statement tropical beauty in a gorgeous concrete effect ceramic, available in large and XL.


The drive to be more sustainable is huge, it is a growing consideration for all parts of our lives, businesses, as well as individuals, are all becoming more aware of the need to think more sustainably and ethically. Home décor hasn’t escaped this trend and what could be more sustainable than a living accessory for your home. Accessorising with indoor plants this spring is the perfect way to tap into this trend. And here at TLB, we’ve made it super easy to go big on this one if you so choose. Adding natural tones, textures and materials like wood and woven belly baskets not only amps up the sustainable vibes but also helps to create a harmonious and healthy atmosphere in your home.

Our Mango Wood Collection is particularly fabulous for adding some sustainably chic style to your home this spring. Making homewares out of mango wood is the perfect way to use the wood after it has become too tall to harvest. This stops the wood from going to waste, provides the farmers with an extra income from selling the wood and enables them to plant new trees in place of the old ones. Not only do these accessories look stunning, mango wood is also hard-wearing and water-resistant, so these items are made to last! The small and large mango wood coasters make the perfect accessory, or gift, adding height to indoor plants, as well as, protecting your surfaces all at the same time. And if you’re in the market for a sustainable statement piece this spring, have you seen our simply stunning plant stand table? Made from mango wood and copper, this gorgeous table is just perfect for displaying your new spring houseplants.

Make a statement with…Copper

Incorporating metallics into your interiors is bang on trend for spring 2022, especially for that much sought-after industrial look. Copper accents are a fab choice as they will add warmth and depth to your space. We think copper looks even better when paired with a gorgeous green beauty, look at how the gorgeous trailing, green leaves of this Philodendron complements the warming hues of the ‘oh-so-stylish’ copper bullet stand perfectly. And housed in the gorgeous black metal house, this green beauty will set your industrial interior style off a treat. For maximum industrial impact, pair your Philodendron with this Copper Trio Succulent House – this might be a trio of mini succulents, but they are guaranteed to make a big impression!

Add a touch of luxury with…Marble

Another trend to consider for spring 2022 is about creating spaces in our homes for relaxation and calm – think channelling spa-like vibes for ultimate self-care tranquillity! If you’re keen to embrace this trend (we know we are!) then the TLB team highly recommends looking at The Marble Collection because all great spas have a touch of luxury, and nothing says luxury better than our fresh, white marble potted plants. Vibrant greenery against the marble effect ceramics will transform an empty corner into a stylish space in one easy step. Browse our favourites in this luxury range for some inspiration.

Trailing or climbing, this Philodendron in Marble Plant Stand is an absolute stunner, and super easy to care for. Or perhaps you’d prefer the Haworthia for a pop of spiky, green interest.

This easy-care trio of succulents is just perfect for giving your home a spring refresh.

And our last pick of the marvellous marble range is this super stylish pair; the Satin Pothos and Zamioculas planted in the marble planter and short stand, they will instantly elevate your style and sophistication!

Go big on nature with…Biophilic Design

Take the trend of bringing the outdoors in one step further by incorporating biophilic design into your space, this is the art of connecting space to nature by making the area light and airy and introducing plants and nature-inspired furnishings. A fab way to bring the outdoors in, in a big way, is with a living wall. Our range of living art and living walls transforms vertical surfaces, inside or out, into a stunning tapestry of living greenery. You can create a relaxing and natural environment that will give your interior, or exterior an original and lush look just in time for spring. In fact, there are lots of benefits to having a living wall – read all about them in our blog.

And not only are there countless benefits, but living art is also super simple to put together and makes a fabulous feature piece too! The Mobilane wall art comes in small or medium, with plants included. There’s a choice of colours so you’re sure to find an option that perfectly suits your home or office space.

So, there you have it plant people, our round-up of the top trends for spring 2022. We hope we’ve given you some interior inspiration for a seasonal refresh. As always, please get in touch with any questions at [email protected] and when your restyling is complete, we’d love to see it, tag us on insta; @thelittlebotanical.

Lots of love

Team TLB x