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While you can build up greenery in your home with a selection of plants spread around a room, a plant that measures over 1m will be an instant injection of colour and shape that can’t be ignored. Some of our big house plants really are big. Take the XL bird of paradise – this can measure up to 1.2m. There is also the XL Lemon & Lime Dracaena, which can be up to 1.5m and our XL Areca Palm, which goes up to 1.3m. If you put these at ground level they will stand out but put them on a sideboard, shelf or stool and it will make them a real feature. 


As our big house plants grow up, they also grow out and you start to notice their shapes a lot more. Take the large Fiddle Leaf Fig. It’s leaves are paddle-shaped and it is unlike anything else. No wonder it is an Instagram star! Then there is the XL Yucca. It’s leaves are like little swords and they grow up and out at different heights, creating awesome shapes.


The wonderful thing about our big house plants is that one alone could be enough for a room. And that is whether you have a large or small home! You can use them as features by themselves, or bring other plants into a group to make it all about the greenery. As several of our big house plants come in XL and large, you could get both for a bit of variation. However, some even have smaller versions so again you can pair up or mix and match to draw the eye to different details depending on the height they sit at.

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