Sansevieria Punk


Never has a plant looked so crazy and brought so many smiles to all he sees- punk by name and punk by nature!


Here at The Little Botanical, we love a Sansevieria! This little guy makes our collection complete adding to our range a perfect little version, styled in our signature black and gold ceramic. The Sansevieria has to be our favourite because it is the easiest variety we sell. Happy in a bright sunny spot, but equally pretty good in a dark bathroom or hallway. A real must-have for anyone looking for a statement plant to brighten up a lonely corner.

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Plant Care

Do not water the leaves. A very tiny bit of water can must-have under the leaves, straight into the soil. The Spiky Punk is very used to dry conditions and thrives in that, so water once every 1-2 months! What could be more simple?


I’m a plant with attitude and style, that is sure to get people talking!