Peperomia Rosso


Bright, colourful and like all the Pepperomias very interesting. A gorgeous colour of burgundy red of on the underside of the leaves with a dark, striped top. This cute guy is really will ad some interest to your indoor jungle.


A small houseplant with dense, lush foliage. The long, almost heart-shaped leaves are glossy dark green on top and deep-red underneath. The stems also have a hint of redness. They have a gorgeous rippled leaf design and prominent veins.

The Mini Peperomia Rosso is a real eye-catcher in our signature black and gold ceramic pots. This cute little houseplant looks fab on his own or as part of a collection of greenery. He is super easy to care for, only needing water every couple of weeks. He’ll also let you know when he’s thirsty because his leaves will curl and droop.

Also please note: the stems and leaves on the Peperomia are very fragile and some may be lost during transit, rest assured, this will not affect the growth of the plant.

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Additional information


Average care

Suitable for

Bathroom, Bedroom, Desk/Study, High humidity, Kitchen

Estimated Plant Height (CM)

Mini plants (8cm – 15cm)

Internal Pot Diameter (CM)



Black and gold pot


Radiator Plant, Emerald- or Green-Ripple Pepper, Little Fantasy Pepper



Plant Care

The Peperomia Rosso does best with bright, indirect light it can do well in partial sun or with either morning or evening sun, but it does not tolerate full, direct sun as this will scorch the leaves. Water when soil is dry, usually every 7-10 days. Do not let the plant stand in water as this will cause the plant to rot, tip upside down to allow any excess water to drain out.

Your Peperomia Rosso will tolerate average household humidity. However, like most tropical plants, it will benefit from added humidity.

Feed once per month in the spring and summer months with general houseplant food.


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A stunning, eye catching mini houseplant. Part of the Rotundifolia family, this cute guy is not one to be missed out on.