Natural Macrame Plant Hanger
From £15.00

Natural Macrame Plant Hanger

From £15.00

Running out of room for your gorgeous greenery? This natural Macrame is the perfect solution to create new space by hanging your plants from the ceiling. A funky addition to your indoor jungle.

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This gorgeous natural macrame plant hanger is available in small or medium. It is the perfect space saving solution to display your trailing houseplants and will add some serious style to your interior space. Available in two sizes, this bohemian plant hanger allows you to elevate your greenery and create an indoor jungle.

Options with plants and pots are available in the following 3 variations:

1. Small Macrame with Succulent includes:

– Medium Peperomia

2. Medium Macrame with Coconapple:

– What do we call a pineapple plant potted in a coconut husk? A ‘Coconapple’ of course! We are excited to introduce this new, unique and very unusual addition to our hanging plant collection, the Coconapple in Macrame.

3. Medium Macrame with Spider Plant includes:

–Spider Plant in Charcoal stoneware

The intricate natural, retro plant hangers are hand woven by Artisans using sustainable cotton and eucalyptus and featuring intricate knotting and tassel details, with a Little Botanical copper tag.

About our Macrame Hangers

Hand woven by Artisans using sustainable cotton and eucalyptus, it features intricate knotting and tassel details and comes styled with a stylish Little Botanical copper tag.

It will really add some interest to your urban jungle. Just pop in a houseplant or succulent of your choice and tah-dah you have the perfect hanging solution.

The tasseled macrame includes a wooden bar, making this sturdy plant hanger perfect to be hung from the ceiling in your bathroom or kitchen to add some serious style to your home. This solution means even if you have run out of room, you can hang them from the ceiling.

Our Macrame Plant Hangers will instantly transform your room, taking up virtually no space. Your hanging plant could really be that additional statement piece you need to easily add greenery to your home office or living space.

The small Macrame holds a pot size of up to 10-12cm, suitable for our mini and small collection. The medium Macrame holds a pot size of up to 12-15cm suitable for our medium collection. This is a guide only because it depends on the nature of the plant and how it grows.

Need to know info:

Total length of each Macrame Plant Hangers is 110cm

Small Macrame: Length between the knot and the macrame woven section; 42cm. Width, 10cm. Width including wooden bar; 25cm.

Large Macrame: Length between the knot and the macrame woven section; 58cm. Width, 15cm. Width including wooden bar; 25cm

Please note: Plants and hooks are not included.


The Peperomia like to avoid direct bright sunlight as this will scorch the leaves. Water when soil is dry, usually every 1-2 weeks. Do not let the plant stand in water as this will cause the plant to rot, tip upside down to allow any excess water to drain out.

This Spider Plant likes a bright spot but not direct light and it will grow before your eyes. Water once a week to keep the soil damp. A kitchen or bathroom is a good location as it will enjoy the higher moisture levels. Let the soil dry out a little between watering. Never allow the plant to sit in water as this will cause the roots to rot.

Peperomia Rotundifolia Care Guide

Also known as the Trailing Jade or Jade Necklace, the Peperomia Rotundifolia is the ultimate trailing plant. It has small, circular leaves that form into soft trailing stems – perfect for admiring from a shelf or tall sideboard.

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Spider Plant Care Guide

The Spider Plant is an easy-care all-rounder. With its retro 70s vibes and palm-like leaves, it’ll add serious style to your home. It’s also super easy to care for, even for plant beginners.

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  • Love this- it’s really well made and looks beautiful with a cascading plant. Also like the fact that it’s quite long

    Jackie +6 months ago

    5 / 5