Mobilane Living Art Frame (Medium)


If you’re looking to add that statement piece of artwork to your home and want to jump on the jungle trend, why not add some vertical greenery to your living space, with this stunning Living Art.

This mounted plant masterpiece is easily attached to your wall and will create a stunning piece of Living Art. Simply put together, add some greenery and watch this frame instantly transform any space. You can easily position the greenery and ta-dah it’s ready to hang on the wall. This beautiful Living Art is guaranteed to make a real statement in your home or office.


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The Mobilane Living Art offers a simple way of adding vertical greenery to your home or office. The frame measures approximately 70cm square. Living Art frame really will add that wow-factor to your living space or office.

The Mobilane Living Art water reservoir holds enough volume to water the plants for approximately 2-3 weeks. This can depend on your home environment. Super easy to use, the indicator pops out to let you know when the water tank needs to be filled. This way, you can make sure the plants always have enough to drink.

The clever indicator, in the shape of a watering can, pops out to show it’s empty and stays hidden when it’s full. You’ll know exactly how much water to add to keep those plants looking fresh! Just be careful to not add too much or you can cause an overflow. It’s also worth checking in on your plants themselves to ensure the leaves aren’t drying out due to the home environment, they may still need the occasional mist using our Plantsmith Perfecting Plant Mist. 

Mobilane Living Art is sure to be a stunning addition to your home. With a unique watering set up that makes looking after plants easier than normal, this Mobilane Living Art is one for your wish list.

The package includes;

1 x Living Art Frame (Brushed Silver) including screws to attach to the wall

It’s simple to assemble, following the instructions manual. This living art frame is a new must-have in your home.

Easy to put together and sturdy, the Living Art Frame is made of recycled plastic enough for 2 weeks (depending on your home environment).

Why not upgrade your indoor space with this simple solution and enjoy living in your very own urban oasis? We think the unique Living Art frame really is a statement piece of stunning art to any home office or living space.

Check out our blog on our vertical living art for some green inspiration.

NOTE- Houseplants do not come with this frame.

Additional information

Frame mesurements

72cm width x 72cm height x 7cm depth.

Frame colour

Brushed Silver, Red



12KG when empty

Plant Care

Add some houseplants to the troughs and ensure the water reservoir is filled, then simply enjoy your green wall art. Position in a spot with good light but not direct sunlight to prevent the leaves from getting scorched.

The Mobilane living art water tank holds enough to water the plants for two to four weeks. The water tank ensures the plants always have the right amount of water without overwatering the houseplants. The indicators on the frame will pop out to indicate when the tank may need filling up.

When cleaning the frame we would suggest using a soft microfibre cloth and mild soap.

The Mobilane living art features: 

 – Strong clips to hold the frame in place.

– Water reservoir.

– Water indicator tells you when empty and when to fill up.

– Each planting trough holds 3 plants.

– Small footprint, so it’s ideal for creating your very own indoor oasis – easily attachable to walls or fencing. 

– Suitable for indoor & outdoor use (Note: The houseplants are not provided).

Mobilane living art is made from 100% recycled plastic. 

Please do check out the YouTube video as this will help you create the most stunning Living Art.


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Biophilic design in your home is known to help increase concentration and productivity and can even reduce stress levels. Simply add some greenery and watch this transform any room.