Mini Leafy Plant Gang

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Create a gorgeous pink and copper plant shelfie with this mix of cute houseplants and style your home with some serious foliage.


This perfect mix of mini leafy houseplants, styled in our signature pink and copper pots. These make the perfect mix of foliage to gift this Mother’s Day.

The Little Botanical Mini Leafy Plant Gang includes:

1 x Mini Spider Plant (Airplane plant)
1 x Medium Fittonia
1 x Medium Fern

These gorgeous leafy houseplants need watering every 5 – 7  days, directly into the soil (just try to avoid the leaves). They are moisture-loving so make sure they don’t dry out too much either. These leafy beauties need a little more care than succulents, but their patterned leaves make the extra effort worthwhile.

The two medium plants measure approx 12-18cm tall and the mini plant measures approx 10-15cm. The variety of Fittonia and Fern are a mixed selection and therefore the variety and colour of plant you receive may vary from photo.

This mini leafy plant gang will create the most stunning indoor garden in your home. All arriving in soft pink pots, they make a real statement popped on a shelf or grouped together in a plant gang.

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Requires a little more attention

Suitable for

Bathroom, Kitchen, Light spaces, Living Space


Pink and copper pot




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Plant Care

This little leafy gang work best in a spot with indirect light. We’d suggest avoiding direct bright sunlight as this will scorch the leaves. These guys should be watered once a week or sooner if the soil is dry to touch. Be sure to drain any excess water from the pots by tipping them upside down over the sink.

They like high humidity so don’t like to dry out too much as they will visibly wilt if not watered often enough. Don’t despair, a little drink should help them perk up.

1 review for Mini Leafy Plant Gang

  1. 5 out of 5


    These plant buddies are very happy on my bedroom windowsill – I bought them in the middle of January. Highly recommended but they need loads of love/ water.

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Gorgeous mini leafy houseplants styled our signature pink and copper ceramic pots. This trio is sure to bring happy vibes to any plant-lover this Mother’s Day.