Floral Plant Gang

Floral Plant Gang


Create a gorgeous pink and copper plant shelfie with this mix of cute houseplants and a bloom of flowers. Style your home with some serious foliage.

Care needs: Low Maintenance PlantsPet-friendly: NoLight level: Bright Light

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Gorgeous mini houseplants styled our signature pink and copper ceramic pots. This trio is sure to bring happy vibes to any plant-lover.

This perfect mix of mini leafy houseplants, styled in our soft pink & copper pots. These make the perfect mix of foliage and floral to gift this Valentine's Day.

The Little Botanical Floral Plant Gang includes:

1x Mini Haworthia
1x Mini Dracaena Head
1x Mini Rose
1x Mini Kalanchoe
1x Mini Miranda

Those leafy beauties need a little more care than succulents, but their green leaves make the extra effort worthwhile.

This Floral Plant gang will create the most stunning indoor garden in your home. All arriving potted in our soft pink & copper pots, they make a real statement popped on a shelf or grouped together in a plant gang.

Long lasting and easy to care for; Kalanchoe will produce blooms for weeks to come, a mass of stunning colour. The perfect gang for for that special person..

Please note: Colour of the Rose/ Kalanchoe may vary.


For the Dracaena we’d suggest avoiding direct bright sunlight as this will scorch the leaves. These guys should be watered once a week if the soil is dry to touch. Be sure to drain any excess water from the pots by tipping them upside down over the sink.

Miranda & Haworthia need very little water, around once a month as these guys would not thank you for too much water.

The Kalanchoe & Rose will need watering directly into the soil not over the flowers or leaves as this can damage the plant. Only water once the soil feels dry, approximately every 2-3 weeks. Don’t let these little beauties sit in water.

Trim off any dead or wilting flowers to keep the plant look fresh and healthy. Kalanchoe like good light so make sure they are getting adequate light during Winter months.

The leaves are fleshy as they store water and can be quite brittle. If a leaf breaks, just trim off  the damaged leaf close to the stem and it should look perfect again.

Please note; The Mini Rose will thrive for days to come.

Haworthia Care Guide

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  • I bought these for my kitchen and they look so pretty and happy that I bought another 8 plants to go with them I love that they come in pots and such pretty pots too. :)

    Kerry 3 years ago

    4 / 5

  • I bought these for a bedroom window sill and they are doing very well. I water them as advised and they are thriving and look fabulous, and the pots are an added bonus, so pretty.

    Helen C 3 years ago

    5 / 5

  • These plant buddies are very happy on my bedroom windowsill - I bought them in the middle of January. Highly recommended but they need loads of love/ water.

    Lisa F 3 years ago

    5 / 5