Buxus Standard Duo


These Buxus Balls on stems are the perfect pair of plants to create a statement, an easy to care for addition to upgrade your outdoor space making it ready to entertain in throughout the Summer months.


This duo of gorgeous green Buxus balls on stems have a distinctive round shape and glossy evergreen leaves, which are the perfect doorstep statement piece.

These low-maintenance plants are slow-growing and keep their shape well. This means they are the perfect outdoor plants to dress a space outdoors or transform your front doorstep.

Buxus balls on stems offer a luxurious look and as a pair, they are sure to add structural style to your outdoor space, all year round.

These Buxus ball on stems  can either be kept in the growing pots they arrive in or plant them out in the garden. They love a bright spot or slightly shadier area. Buxus can be prone to leaf scorch if planted in direct sunlight, just make sure they are kept well watered.

This duo includes:

– 2 x Buxus Ball on Stem (pot size 23cm)

Approximate Total Height; 85cm and Width; 30cm (measured at the widest part).  Note these are approximate measurements and may vary.

Very versatile and long-lasting, these easy to care for plants look just beautiful. Buxus Balls on stems are ideal for entrances or to refresh a patio or balcony. Easy to care for and only needs a trim every few months to keep its ball shape. The perfect plants to create a statement and wow your friends. An easy addition to upgrade your outdoor space making it perfectly ready to entertain in throughout the Summer months.

Once unpacked, pop the plants outdoors and ensure they are watered and allow time for them to settle into their new garden.

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Low maintenance

Suitable for


Estimated Plant Height (CM)

XL plants (up to 1m)

Internal Pot Diameter (CM)


Plant Care

This duo of Buxus balls on stems really are the ideal low maintenance outdoor plants. Slow growing and easy going, if you want to maintain a really sharp outline, then you can clip them a few times a year – at least once in June, and then again in August/September.

Plant your Buxus in a bright spot or partial shade and in well-drained soil. Space each plant to allow room for growth, about 8 to 10 inches apart as these plants don’t spread very much.

Be careful to not let them scorch in direct sunlight, as this will damage the leaves.

If planting into beds, we would suggest to water the pyramids, dig a hold big enough to fit the Buxus in and remove the plastic pot. Water before planting and feed in spring with a good liquid fertiliser. Water regularly in the warmer months.


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Stylish and contemporary. Just the perfect size to pop on your front doorstep to make a real statement or refresh a patio. This stunning duo are slow growing and shade tolerant, a modern addition to your outdoor space.