Air Purifying Bundle
From £55.00

Air Purifying Bundle

From £55.00

A bundle of houseplants that look great and purify the air around you. What’s not to like? The Sansevieria Punk, Ficus Benjamina and Snakey Sansevieria are some of our most popular plants due to their amazing air cleaning properties.

Care needs: Low Maintenance PlantsPet-friendly: NoLight level: Medium Light

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We love making the air around us fresh and clean, removing toxins from your work and living area.

The air purifying bundle is a gorgeous selection of houseplants that are chosen as they are known to remove toxins and purify the air around you. Bring the outdoors in with this stunning selection of easy-to-care-for green trio. Adding these houseplants to your home won't just add some serious style, but they are actually good for your health too. They're the perfect plants for your home office, kitchen or bedroom.

This plant gang includes:

Sansevieria Punk (Snake Plant)

*Ficus Benjamina (Weeping Fig)

Snakey Sansevieria (Mother in law's tongue)

Potted in our stylish grey ceramics, they can instantly be added to any room to create a perfect plant gang. Both these Sansevierias work well in a well-lit spot but will survive in a darker corner. The Sanseveria plants only need watering once a fortnight. The Ficus Benjamina needs watering once a week and don't let it get caught in a draught, it won't thank you for it.

*Note: People with Asthma and Latex allergies should avoid this plant.

Please note: As these plants are known as rough and ready beauties; markings, tip discoloration and imperfections on the leaves are very normal.


Both these Sansevierias only need watering once a fortnight. The Ficus Benjamina needs watering once a week

The Sansevierias work well either a well-lit or a darker corner and the ficus is happy in shaded areas - avoid direct bright sunlight as this will scorch the leaves

The Ficus Benjamina should be kept away from draughts and radiators.

Sansevieria Care Guide

The Sansevieria is a fun and unique plant. It comes in many different varieties, including the Punk (Fernwood Punk), Snaky (Sansevieria Snaky) and Spiky (Sansevieria Cylindrica). They’re one of the easiest plant families to care for and all have...

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